Chapter 1552

Chapter 1552​

Although he was smiling, his appearance showed that he was not a good person at first glance.

“What does Master Montgomery want me to do?” Hazel suddenly felt uneasy.

“It’s very simple. Tomorrow you find an excuse to invite Dustin to your home for dinner, and then pour this bottle of soft tendon into the wine. After the medicine takes effect, you can leave. The rest is up to you. Let me handle it.”

Gary Montgomery said, took out a black medicine bottle and put it on the table.

What’s inside is Shixiang Ruanjin Powder, which is specially used to deal with martial arts masters.

For those below the level of Grandmaster, once they are attacked, their whole body will become weak, unable to raise any strength, like a lamb waiting to be slaughtered.

Young Master Montgomery, you have to be merciful and merciful, why don’t you do it so ruthlessly?” Hazel’s face looked a little ugly.

Any fool knows what Gary Montgomery is going to do.

By drugging Dustin, wouldn’t she become an accomplice?


Gary Montgomery smiled, with a hint of teasing in his smile: “Miss Lancaster, what are these tricks? I have something even better, do you want to see it? For example, use some tricks to make your Lancaster Family bankrupt; another example , what do you think about placing a charge on you people and putting them all in jail?”

Gary Montgomery! Don’t go too far! Stonia is not a place without royal law!” Hazel was a little angry.

Wang Fa?”

Gary Montgomery laughed so hard: “HazelHazel, you are not a child anymore. You can say such childish words. I am very disappointed in you.”

The king’s law protects the powerful, and those who are powerless will only be suppressed by the king’s law.

If civilians commit crimes, they will be sent to jail immediately; but if powerful people commit crimes, they can still get away with it.

This has been true throughout the ages.

Gary Montgomery! If you want to use me to kill people with a borrowed knife, I will never agree. If you have the ability, just kill me!”

Hazel had a cold face and determined eyes.

Naturally, she would not betray a friend, especially this friend, who had other feelings.

“You can’t tell that Miss Lancaster is still a hero among girls.”

Gary Montgomery stood up, stared straight at Hazel, and said with a smile: “But I am a little curious. Is it worth risking my life for a pretty boy?”

“It’s not worth it. Dustin has saved me and helped me. I will never betray him!” Hazel said firmly.


Gary Montgomery raised his eyebrows slightly, quite surprised: “Could it be that you already like that pretty boy?”

“It’s none of your business!” Hazel said with a cold face.

“Interesting…so interesting.”

Gary Montgomery said with a joking face: “It’s a wonder in the world that a woman who can do everything for her husband can actually have true feelings!”

“Kill if you want, don’t talk nonsense!” Hazel regarded death as home.

With Gary Montgomery’s character, even if Dustin is dealt with, he will never let her go easily.

Miss Lancaster, I admire your courage. You are indeed not afraid of death, but what about your family members? Are they willing to accompany you to death?”

Speaking of this, Gary Montgomery suddenly looked at the Lancaster Family members and said with an evil smile: “I will give you three minutes to think about it. If you don’t agree, I will kill one Lancaster Family member every minute after that until I kill them all. “

“Now, the timer starts!”


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