Chapter 1555

Chapter 1555​

The next morning.

Hazel, who had not slept all night, was forced to call Dustin helplessly and invite him to his home for lunch.

Dustin did not become suspicious and readily agreed.

After hanging up the phone, Hazel seemed to have lost all her strength and slumped on the chair, her face pale and her eyes dull.

In just one night, she became much more haggard.

“How are you, daughter? Have you contacted Dustin?”

At this time, Waylon Lancaster walked in the door.

Hazel didn’t speak, but nodded slightly.

Seeing his daughter’s devastated expression, Waylon Lancaster couldn’t help but sigh and comforted: “Daughter, I know you are sad, but we have no choice now.”

Gary Montgomery is powerful and has the support of Montgomery Palace behind him. We can’t afford to offend him.”

“And many people in the Lancaster Family have been controlled by Gary Montgomery. Once we resist, those people will die.”

“So this time, we can only be the villains for once.”

At the end of the sentence, Waylon Lancaster’s face turned gloomy.

His impression of Dustin has always been very good.

Young and promising, neither arrogant nor impetuous, is a potential stock.

But I didn’t expect that the other party would actually offend someone from Montgomery Palace.

It is such a pity that it has led to death now.

“Dad, is there really no other way? Can we ask someone to help resolve this grudge?” Hazel asked tentatively.

“I tried, but it didn’t work.”

Waylon Lancaster shook his head: “My friends were so frightened that they hung up the phone as soon as they heard the words Montgomery Palace. You should know the power of Montgomery Palace. Looking at the entire Stonia, few people dare to offend Montgomery Palace.”

Among the four major royal families in Stonia, the Spanner Family currently ranks first.

Next is Montgomery Palace, followed by the Chen Family and the Bryant Family.

And in terms of power and influence, Prince Eugene Montgomery’s Palace is not much worse than the Spanner Family.

The reason why he was pushed down was simply because of the Spanner Family twins.

In other words, apart from the royal relatives in the Forbidden City, the only ones who can really support Prince Eugene Montgomery’s family are the Spanner Family.

Therefore, facing Gary Montgomery’s oppression, the Lancaster Family had no choice.

Once you resist, you will only end up with your whole family destroyed.

This is reality, this is the gap.

“Why? Why does it become like this?”

Hazel bit her lip and clenched her fists, her face full of humiliation and unwillingness.

But in the end, all her emotions turned into helplessness and despair.

As his father said, no one dares to offend Montgomery Palace.

The most important thing is that Gary Montgomery still has a large number of hostages in his hands. If she doesn’t do as she is told, then her father and her family will all die.

“Daughter, get ready. Dustin will be here in a moment. Don’t show any flaws, otherwise we will be doomed.” Waylon Lancaster said seriously.


Hazel nodded heavily and said nothing.

When things got to this point, she had no choice but to make the mistake.

At noon, Dustin drove to the Lancaster Manor.

Hazel and his father Waylon Lancaster stood at the door to greet him.

Dustin, are you here? Please come inside.”

Seeing Dustin get out of the car, Waylon Lancaster immediately said hello with a smile.


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