Chapter 1556

Chapter 1556​

On the other hand, Hazel, who was next to her, was glum and a little distracted. It wasn’t until Waylon Lancaster bumped her with his shoulder that she suddenly reacted and forced a smile: “Dustin, I have prepared wine and food, please.”

“Please.” Dustin responded with a smile.

The three of them exchanged pleasantries and walked in the door.

Different from the past, the Lancaster Family today seems a little calm, and no one can be seen in the huge manor.

The three of them walked and chatted, and finally sat down in the living room.

Soon, plates of delicious food were served on the table one after another.

Miss Lancaster, you invited me over, not just for a meal, right? Is there anything you want to discuss?” Dustin asked.

“I…” Hazel was speechless for a moment.

She had been in a state of despair all day, how could she have thought about this?

Fortunately, Waylon Lancaster reacted quickly and came to the rescue in time: “Dustin, what are you saying? Why can’t I treat you to a meal if you have nothing to do? Your Jade Dew Ointment has done a lot for our Lancaster Family and given us the opportunity to be promoted to a wealthy family. Naturally, we I have to thank you.”

Uncle Lancaster, you’re welcome. This is a win-win situation. Let’s just make each other successful.”

Dustin smiled modestly and said, “Besides, Hazel and I have become friends. There will be more opportunities for cooperation in the future, and Uncle Lancaster will need to take care of us.”


Waylon Lancaster laughed loudly, then made a gesture and shouted: “Come here! Bring me the jar of fine wine that I have treasured. Today I want to have a drink with Dustin!”

Following his shout, a jar of old wine was placed on the table.

Open the lid and the aroma of wine overflows, refreshing your soul.

“This rich fragrance must be wine that is more than fifty years old, right?” Dustin sniffed.

“That’s right! This jar of old wine has been treasured for eighty years. I got it with great difficulty. I had never been willing to drink it before. Today I am entertaining distinguished guests, so I brought it out to make the scene.” Waylon Lancaster said with a smile.

“Oh? So, I’m in a good mood today?” Dustin smiled.

“Come on, I’ll fill it up for you!”

Waylon Lancaster was very enthusiastic. He poured three glasses of wine, one for each person, and then toasted to each other: “Dustin, I wish us a happy cooperation in the future, let’s do it!”


Dustin immediately picked up his wine glass and responded.

But when he was about to reach his mouth, he suddenly stopped, glanced at Hazel, and asked with some doubts: “Miss Lancaster, what’s wrong with you today? You’ve been distracted. Are you feeling uncomfortable somewhere?”

“Ah? Oh, I’m fine.” Hazel forced a smile.

Hazel has been very busy recently, maybe she is too tired?”

Waylon Lancaster immediately smiled and smoothed things over: “Come on, come on… I’ll get drunk today. All the worries will be forgotten. The three of us have a drink together!”

After saying that, he winked at Hazel.

Hazel struggled to pick up the wine glass, her arms shaking slightly uncontrollably.

Inside, there is a colorless and odorless drug, Shixiang Ruanjin Powder.

Once you drink it, you will be exhausted and unable to exert any strength. At that time, you can only be at the mercy of others.

Miss Lancaster, please.”

Dustin smiled and raised his glass to toast, then put it into his mouth with a calm expression.


Hazel’s heart tightened and she couldn’t help but stop her.

“What’s wrong?” Dustin was a little strange.

“No, it’s nothing…you must be busy today, right? It’s best to drink less.”

Hazel hesitated, not knowing how to explain.

This reaction made Waylon Lancaster frown slightly, but he couldn’t show it clearly.

“It’s nothing, I have a good drinking capacity, a few drinks won’t be a problem.”

Dustin smiled, didn’t care, and picked up the wine glass again.

Seeing this scene, Hazel’s complexion changed drastically, and she quickly knocked away Dustin’s wine glass and exclaimed: “You can’t drink it! There is medicine in the wine!”


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