Chapter 1563

Chapter 1563​


Hearing this, Mark Montgomery’s smile slowly faded, and she said displeasedly: “Who is so bold and dares to intrude on my territory?”

“The identity of the visitor is unknown, but he is powerful. The brothers in the villa cannot stop him. Please mobilize your troops to suppress him in time!” The guard clasped his fists.

“Strong strength? How many soldiers and horses did the opponent come?” Mark Montgomery narrowed his eyes slightly.

“There is only one person.” The guard said.


Mark Montgomery frowned: “You can’t deal with one person? What do you do for food!”

“This subordinate is incompetent, please atone for your sins.” The guard lowered his head in shame.

There are nearly a hundred guards in the villa, and all of them are elite.

If ordinary warriors break into the door, there is only one dead end.

But this time, the troublemakers were very unusual. They were destroying everything along the way and were unstoppable.

Their attacks and defenses have no effect at all, they only serve as torture.

“Brother Mark, no matter who the person is, we cannot let him go easily. If you dare to break into Yumian Villa without permission, you must pay the price with blood!” Gary Montgomery said indignantly.

“Let’s go out and meet that person.”

Mark Montgomery raised her head and drank the wine in her glass, then slowly walked out of the door with a group of people.

At this moment, on the lawn of the villa.

A figure covered in blood was slowly moving forward.

Behind him, on both sides, were the guards lying on the ground, all with their hands and feet broken, wailing incessantly.

“Who are you? How dare you run wild on my territory? Are you risking your life?”

Mark Montgomery watched from a distance and spoke coldly.

Although the sound was not loud, it was like rolling thunder, resounding throughout the entire villa.

Gary Montgomery, get out and die!”

Dustin didn’t even look at Mark Montgomery, but stared straight at Gary Montgomery in the crowd.

Indifferent, cold, like a knife like ice.

“Oh it’s you?”

Gary Montgomery narrowed his eyes slightly, quite surprised: “I didn’t expect that your kid is still alive, what a fate!”

It stands to reason that his plan is foolproof.

As long as Hazel gave DustinShixiangruanjinsan, no matter how powerful the opponent was, he would only be waiting to be killed.

Could it be that Hazel betrayed him?


Who would even disregard the lives of relatives and friends for a little boy?

Anxiang, do you know this person?” Mark Montgomery turned her head and asked.

“Brother Mark, isn’t Jade Dew Ointment very popular recently? This kid is the founder of Jade Dew Ointment.

I came to ask for cooperation before, but this guy not only refused to give me face, but also asked someone to poison me, which made our Montgomery Palace lose face, so I planned to teach him a lesson.

Unexpectedly, this kid is very lucky. Not only is he fine, but he also comes here to cause trouble and ruins your enjoyment. Damn it! “

Gary Montgomery briefly explained what had happened, without realizing the seriousness of the problem at all.

“I see.”

Mark Montgomery nodded: “I have also heard about the Jade Dew Ointment. I heard that this thing is a holy medicine for healing. I am very interested. It would be great if it can be in the hands of our Prince Montgomery Palace.”

He has an army of 300,000 people and is on war all year round. He is in urgent need of this kind of elixir for treating trauma.


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