Chapter 1564

Chapter 1564​

“Brother Mark, don’t worry, I know what to do.”

Gary Montgomery chuckled: “When this kid is caught, I will torture him severely and force him to find out the formula of Jade Dew Ointment.”

Mark Montgomery said noncommittally: “This person seems to be a bit strong, and ordinary guards should not be able to stop him, can your man do it?”

“Brother Mark, don’t worry, in order to deal with this kid, I have already prepared.”

Gary Montgomery smiled slightly and clapped his hands.

Soon, a man and a woman walked out from behind him.

The man was wearing a black vest. He was strong and burly, about 1.9 meters tall, and his whole body was full of tendons.

Its skin is bronze, unlike normal humans, and it makes a slight roaring sound when breathing.

The woman wore a mask, covering half of her face. Her lips were blue, her eyes were purple, and she was covered in a black robe, giving off a sinister and vicious feeling.

“Brother Mark, these two are strange people I invited.”

“The man is called Bronze Corpse. He is invulnerable to weapons, water and fire. He is not afraid of pain, and he is not afraid of death. As long as he is the target, no one can escape.”

“The woman is called a lich. She is even more powerful. Not only is she proficient in witchcraft, but she is also good at poisoning. No matter how strong she is or how many people are on the other side, as long as she is poisoned, she will die.”

Gary Montgomery sat down to introduce each other, appearing full of confidence.

As soon as these words came out, everyone looked surprised.

“Bronze corpse? Lich? Could it be that these two are the world-famous corpse demons?”

“What? Two zombie demons? Real or fake? Haven’t they already withdrawn from the world?”

“I heard that the two demons of the corpse have already reached the half-level master level. They are famous for their strange and evil ways, cruel methods and full of killing moves. Once they join forces, even the martial arts masters will have to retreat. They are terrifying demons!”

Anxiang, I didn’t expect that you are so capable that you can actually invite the two corpse demons to come out. It’s really amazing!”

Everyone was talking, some were shocked and some admired.

Although the two corpse demons have a bad reputation, they are recognized as strong. There are rumors that the two of them teamed up to kill a martial arts master.

From then on, his reputation spread far and wide, and no one dared to offend him.

“I heard that Brother Mark loves talents, so I invited these two people out.”

Gary Montgomery smiled flatteringly and said: “These two admire Brother Mark very much and are willing to serve Brother Mark from now on.”

“Oh, is it so?”

Mark Montgomery raised his eyebrows slightly and said with a smile: “Both of you are masters and proficient in thaumaturgy. When you work under my command in the future, I promise that I will never treat you badly.”

“Thank you, Jade Faced War God!”

Upon hearing this, the Bronze Corpse Lich immediately bowed his hands in a respectful manner.

As the strongest god of war in the Dragonmarsh Kingdom, there is no doubt about Mark Montgomery’s strength. Coupled with the background of Montgomery Palace, following such a wise master will definitely lead to success and rain in the future.

Not even the Martial Law Bureau dared to touch them easily.

“You two, the boy who caused the trouble will be left to you, just take a breath.” Mark Montgomery said calmly.

“As you command!”

The two clasped their fists and said yes.

They know now is the best time to perform.

If you want to become Mark Montgomery’s right-hand man, you must show sufficient strength.

And Dustin in front is their stepping stone.

Dustin! Aren’t you going to kill me? Come here if you dare. I want to see how much you weigh!”

Gary Montgomery held his head high, stretched out his finger, and raised his finger provocatively, completely ignoring Dustin.

“I not only want to kill you, I also want to cut you into pieces and crush your bones into ashes!”

Dustin had a cold face, pressing forward step by step, with a cold and stern voice: “Everyone who has nothing to do with me, get out of here, anyone who stands in my way will die!”


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