Chapter 1565

Chapter 1565​

“You will die if you stand in my way? Have you watched too many TV series? Do you really think you are some awesome person? This is simply ridiculous!”

Gary Montgomery clasped his hands, his face full of sarcasm and disdain: “Bronze Corpse, you go play with him first, don’t kill him, Brother Mark can still be useful if he keeps it.”

With a bronze corpse half-stepping the master level, and a body of copper skin and iron bones, it was easy to deal with Dustin.


The bronze corpse responded and strode forward.

In his eyes, Dustin was already a dead man.

“Boy, you are unlucky to meet me today.”

The copper corpse urn said angrily: “If you cut off your hands and feet now, I can still spare your life, otherwise when I take action, your life will be worse than death!”

“Go away, or I’ll kill you!” Dustin responded coldly.

“Hmph! It seems that you don’t want to let you experience some suffering because you don’t know how to live or die. You don’t know how powerful I am!”

Bronze Corpse snorted coldly and stopped talking nonsense.

I saw his feet kicking hard, and his whole body was ejected instantly like a cannonball, and he crashed into Dustin.

With the strength of his body, the bones in his body would be shattered by this collision, let alone a human being, even a cow.

This is his favorite attack method, because it’s handsome and brutal, and it’s also a great deterrent.

Facing the impact, Dustin didn’t dodge or evade, just walked straight forward.

“court death!”

Dustin’s ignorance made Bronze Corpse’s eyes freeze, and he suddenly increased his strength.

So much so that a layer of metallic light appeared on its surface.


There was a bang.

The steel-like body of the bronze corpse finally crashed into Dustin.

However, the expected person did not appear. Dustin stood quietly, motionless.

There were two deep footprints on the ground beneath his feet.

On the other hand, the bronze corpse was shaken back when the two collided. It was dizzy for a while and couldn’t even tell the direction.


Seeing this scene, Gary Montgomery couldn’t help but look stunned.

In a head-on confrontation, Bronze Corpse was actually at a disadvantage. Is this kid invincible?

“Bronze Corpse! Stop playing, don’t affect the Lord God of War’s interest!” Lich warned.

It is the most stupid behavior to charge and attack like a bull.

Facing some weak warriors, they can indeed be crushed easily, which is very entertaining to watch.

However, in front of real masters, it seems a bit inadequate.

If they want to join Mark Montgomery’s command, they must show enough strength, otherwise they will be easily underestimated and thus not reused.

Regarding the future, naturally we cannot be careless.


The copper corpse shook his head and spat on the ground: “Boy! I can’t tell, you still have two brushes. I underestimated you just now, but next, I will start to get serious.”

After saying that, the bronze corpse stretched out his arms, and a wave of air burst out from his body.

The black vest on his body fell apart on the spot, revealing a strong tendon.

Its bronze skin exudes a strange light under the sunlight.

“Boy! It will be your lifetime honor to be defeated by my bronze corpse!”

“Now, let you see my unique skills!”

The bronze corpse smiled ferociously and took a deep breath.

Immediately afterwards, a strange scene happened.

The body of the bronze corpse suddenly swelled in size, becoming taller and stronger, like a brown bear standing upright.

Powerful, terrifying, and extremely dangerous.

“Corpse King Fist!”

When the breath gathered to the top, the bronze corpse kicked off his feet, ejected again, and punched Dustin in the face.

This punch not only used the strength of the body, but also stimulated the true energy of the whole body, which can be said to double the power.

“court death!”

Faced with the attack from the bronze corpse, Dustin still did not dodge and directly punched him head-on.



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