Chapter 1575

Chapter 1575​

Dustin? Why are you here?”

When she saw the person coming, Isabela couldn’t help but frown, and her face immediately turned cold.

Previous experiences have made the two incompatible.

Dustin! Why are you everywhere? What a bad luck!” Victoria Sterling looked disgusted.

When she visited Lancaster’s Medicine before, not only did she not get any advantage, but she was also punished, which made her always hold a grudge.

“If you two are here because of the formula of Jade Dew Ointment, then I advise you to give up.” Dustin said coldly.

“Hmph! What are we going to do? It’s none of your business? You should think more about yourself!” Isabela had a stern face.

“That’s right! You’re already in danger, and you still dare to meddle in others’ affairs. Do you think you won’t die soon enough?” Victoria Sterling shouted with eyes wide open.

They knew in their hearts that Hazel’s death must be related to Gary Montgomery, so they came to take advantage of it.

As for Dustin, he is just a fish that slipped through the net. Once Gary Montgomery’s people find him, he will definitely die without a complete body.

So now, they don’t take each other seriously at all.

“The formula of Jade Dew Ointment is the result of the joint efforts of Miss Lancaster and I. If anyone dares to take it by force, I will never be polite!” Dustin warned.

“What? Scaring us?”

Victoria Sterling curled her lips with disdain on her face: “You are just a little martial artist, what’s so big about you? Do you really think you can compete with us? Stop dreaming!”

Dustin, I advise you not to meddle in other people’s business, otherwise Hazel’s today will be your tomorrow!” Isabela said sternly.

“So, Hazel’s death is related to you?”

Dustin’s face darkened, and his eyes instantly became murderous.

“Hey! Don’t talk nonsense, we didn’t do anything!”

Victoria Sterling was inexplicably panicked and quickly denied it.

Dustin, don’t blame me for not giving you a chance. Get out of here right now. I’ll just pretend that nothing happened. If you insist on messing around, then I’ll have to call Gary Montgomery.”

Isabela suddenly took out her mobile phone and sneered: “To tell you the truth, Gary Montgomery is offering a high price for your head. If he finds him, your ten lives will not be enough to kill him!”

Last time, it was because the little demon girl threatened with poison that Gary Montgomery’s people were temporarily given up.

Now that the situation has changed, Gary Montgomery’s revenge will follow.

“You can try and see if Gary Montgomery will respond to you.” Dustin said indifferently.

Dustin, are you really not afraid of death?” Isabela’s eyes were unkind.

“Of course I’m afraid of death, but I’m afraid you don’t have the ability.” Dustin said.

Isabela, this guy is too crazy, call Mr. Montgomery quickly and let him have a taste of his power!” Victoria Sterling couldn’t help it.

She was just a martial artist, but she didn’t believe that the other party could compete with Montgomery Palace.

“Arrogant and ignorant! I will definitely make you regret it!”

Isabela had a sullen face and immediately started making calls.

Miss Torby, wait!”

When Fourth Uncle Lancaster saw it, he immediately panicked and quickly stopped him: “We have something to talk about, there is no need to make such an unpleasant scene.”

“Yes, yes. If we have something to sit down and talk about slowly, why would we alarm the people in Montgomery Palace?” Many members of the Lancaster Family began to smooth things over.

They don’t care about Dustin’s life or death, but they have to consider the safety of the Lancaster Family.

Gary Montgomery is ruthless and cunning, and will retaliate. Once he appears here, the entire Lancaster Family will be in danger.

Hazel’s death is the best example.


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