Chapter 1576

Chapter 1576​

So, they are afraid.

Hearing the Lancaster Family’s pleading, Isabela’s expression softened, and she said calmly: “I can give you face by not making this call, and I can even help your Lancaster Family resolve the disaster, but again, you must hand over The recipe for Jade Dew Ointment.”

“No problem, no problem, we are willing to hand over the formula.” Fourth Uncle Lancaster nodded repeatedly.

The Lancaster Family’s life is pretty good now, and there is no need to risk the whole family just for a recipe.

Patriarch Lancaster, what do you mean?”

Isabela turned her eyes and looked at Waylon Lancaster again.

Waylon Lancaster gritted his teeth, hesitated again and again, and finally nodded.

The Torby Family and the Sterling family obviously came prepared, and with Montgomery Palace eyeing them, the Lancaster Family had no choice.

The common man is not guilty, but he is guilty of carrying the jade.

I never thought that such an example would happen to me one day.

“Very good. Those who understand current affairs are heroes. You have made a very correct decision.” Isabela smiled with satisfaction.

“Why are you still standing there? Get the formula out quickly.” Victoria Sterling urged.

“Yes Yes Yes……”

Fourth Uncle Lancaster nodded repeatedly, then supported Waylon Lancaster and prepared to leave.


At this time, Dustin spoke again: “The formula is the hard work of Hazel and I, we cannot leave it to them.”

“Hey! Is that enough? Don’t be so selfish. You are not afraid of death, but please don’t bring trouble to the Lancaster Family.” Isabela began to sow discord.

Mr. Dustin, just be okay and let us go? We really can’t afford to offend these people. Only by handing over our things can we protect ourselves wisely. Please, don’t hurt us again!” Fourth Uncle Lancaster clasped his hands together and bowed repeatedly.

Dustin, my daughter is dead. I don’t want more people from the Lancaster Family to die in vain. Please get out of the way!” Waylon Lancaster spoke in a hoarse voice.

Uncle Lancaster, this matter happened because of me. I will handle it thoroughly. I promise that nothing will happen to your Lancaster Family.” Dustin looked solemn.


Hearing this, Waylon Lancaster suddenly smiled, with a bit of sadness in his smile: “DustinDustin, what guarantee do you have? You have no power, how can you fight with these wealthy families? Please stop being so self-righteous. , you have already killed my daughter, are you going to kill my whole family now?!”

The last sentence was completely shouted.

Dustin pursed his lips and said with a guilty look on his face: “I am to blame for Hazel’s death. I will do my best to make up for it and ensure that you have a worry-free life. This is my promise.”

“I don’t need your promise or compensation. I just ask you to stay away from us and stop harming us!” Waylon Lancaster roared.

“Your Rhys! Did you hear that? The Lancaster Family doesn’t welcome you, so get out of here, otherwise don’t blame us for being rude!” Victoria Sterling said fiercely.

“You’re welcome?”

Dustin turned around and said coldly: “What, you still dare to attack me?”

“So what if we do it? We came prepared today!”

Victoria Sterling said and suddenly made a gesture.

Soon, a group of thugs standing outside the door swarmed in and surrounded Dustin.

Everyone is watching eagerly, ready to make a move.

Dustin, I know you have some abilities, but these people are all masters carefully selected by us. I don’t believe you can still defeat them with just a few!”

Victoria Sterling held her head high, looking aggressive.

Without that little witch, what is a mere warrior?


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