Chapter 1579

Chapter 1579​

Dustin! You are really dead now!”

“By killing Prince Eugene Montgomery’s adopted son, you are provoking Montgomery Palace. No matter how big the Dragonmarsh Kingdom is, there will be no place for you!”

At this moment, Victoria Sterling also roared.

She has always regarded Montgomery Palace as her backer, so she went out of her way to please people like Dahlia and Gary Montgomery.

I thought that with the support of these people, she could be domineering.

However, she never dreamed that this guy Dustin would actually kill her patron.

This is no longer described as audacious, but completely crazy.

“Dead…dead? Gary Montgomery is actually dead?”

DustinDustin! Do you know what you did? This time we were really hurt by you!”

After a brief period of shock, everyone in the Lancaster Family howled.

Once Gary Montgomery dies, things will get into a big mess. Once the Montgomery Palace investigates him, the entire Lancaster Family will suffer disaster!

“Everyone is responsible for what he does. I killed Gary Montgomery with my own hands. I will bear all the consequences.” Dustin said calmly.

“Bear it? Can you afford it?”

Fourth Uncle Lancaster shouted angrily: “That is the royal family of Stonia, a being that covers the sky with one hand. Why do you contend with such a behemoth? You just want to die, why do you want to involve us? You, you, you… ..You are such a disaster!”

“That’s right! Our Lancaster Family just wants to put an end to the trouble. Now you have killed Gary Montgomery and brought his head to the Lancaster Family. You are pushing us into the fire pit. What are you thinking about?!” Everyone They all denounced angrily.

Gary Montgomery and the Lancaster Family already had some grudges. If Dustin didn’t mention it today, they would still have room for explanation.

Now, even if you jump into the Yellow River, you won’t be able to wash yourself away.

Dustin! You are already in great danger. If you don’t want to implicate innocent people, come back to Montgomery Palace immediately with us to plead guilty!” Isabela shouted sternly.

Although Gary Montgomery’s death had nothing to do with her, it would be a great achievement if Dustin could be tied to Montgomery Palace.

Mr. Dustin! You just said that one person is responsible for the work. I am ordering you to arrest him immediately!” Victoria Sterling shouted.

A stinky loser who dares to kill top dignitaries is really asking for his own destruction.

“It seems you haven’t figured out the situation yet.”

Dustin said indifferently: “I did kill Gary Montgomery, but that doesn’t mean that I will choose to apologize for his death.”

“Aren’t you afraid of the revenge of Montgomery Palace?” Isabela asked.

“What do you think?” Dustin asked.

One sentence made Isabela and the two speechless.

Yes, if the other party was afraid of revenge, how could he kill Gary Montgomery.

The guy in front of me is a complete lunatic.

“Also, there is one more thing.”

Dustin said with an indifferent expression: “You two are colluding with Gary Montgomery, and you are not a good person. You must bear part of the responsibility for Hazel’s death.

I now give you two choices: first, kneel in front of Hazel’s mourning hall for three days, confess your sins, and then donate half of your family property to compensate for the losses of the Lancaster Family…”

Before she finished speaking, Isabela refused: “You’re dreaming! Is Hazel’s life or death none of our business? Stop messing around here!”

“That’s right! Not to mention donating half of the family property, even if you ask me to burn a stick of incense or kowtow, it’s impossible!” Victoria Sterling shouted with eyes wide.

How could a b*tch from a second-rate family afford her kneeling down?

“If you don’t agree, then there is only the second option.”


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