Chapter 1581

Chapter 1581​


The motorcade roared all the way. After breaking into the Lancaster Family manor, it did not stop at all and drove directly to the main entrance of the mourning hall before stopping.

Then, a deputy general jumped out of the car and led a group of fully armed soldiers, who surged down.

“Who made the call just now?”

The lieutenant’s face was sullen, and his sharp eyes shot around the mourning hall.

“It’s me, it’s me who made the report call!”

Victoria Sterling immediately raised his hand to signal and said quickly: “General, I am Victoria Sterling from the Sterling family. I have a close relationship with Gary MontgomeryYoung Master Montgomery. I just saw someone here killing Young Master Montgomery. Please arrest him quickly!”

“Who is the murderer?” the deputy asked in a deep voice.

Gary Montgomery’s death has spread throughout the entire Montgomery Palace.

Dustin broke into Yumian Villa without permission, openly injured Gary Montgomery, and took away his head.

After receiving the news, Prince Eugene Montgomery was furious and personally ordered that the murderer must be severely punished.

All of a sudden, all the soldiers and horses of Montgomery Palace were out, searching everywhere for traces of the murderer.

So just after receiving the report call, he immediately led his troops to kill, preparing to catch the murderer and take the lead.

“He is the murderer!”

Victoria Sterling turned around and pointed at Dustin with a sneer on her lips.

“Not only him, but everyone in the Lancaster Family is his accomplice, and they must all be arrested!” Isabela suddenly added.

Hearing this, everyone in the Lancaster Family panicked instantly.

Ms. Torby! It’s none of our business. We don’t know anything. You can’t talk nonsense!”

“Yes, Miss Torby! We have nothing to do with Dustin, you can’t slander us!”

Ms. Torby, please show your respect. We are willing to hand over the formula. Please let us go!”

Many people were so frightened that they knelt on the ground, Bow down and rubbing head on the ground and begged.

Once they are confirmed to be the accomplices, it will be really difficult to save them.


Dustin frowned slightly, a cold light flashed in his eyes.

He didn’t expect Isabela to be so vicious. In order to take revenge on him, he would not hesitate to drag the entire Lancaster Family into trouble.

What a snake-hearted person!

“Hmph! It’s too late to say this now. Young Master Montgomery is dead, and you people can’t escape the blame!”

Isabela had a cold face and was unmoved: “Maybe you just ordered Dustin to kill Mr. Montgomery just for revenge!”

She knew very well that Gary Montgomery’s death would never be quelled by a formula.

“No, no! Absolutely not!”

Fourth Uncle Lancaster’s face turned pale and he waved his hands in fear: “Miss Torby, even if we have great courage, we would not dare to murder Young Master Montgomery. These are Dustin’s actions alone and have nothing to do with our Lancaster Family!”

“If it has nothing to do with you, why is Mr. Montgomery’s head in your Lancaster Family’s mourning hall? How should you explain it?” Isabela asked.

“I…we didn’t know that it was Dustin who lifted the head.” Fourth Uncle Lancaster said with a sad face.

“Hmph! Stop quibbling. Without the instructions of your Lancaster Family, how could a mere martial artist be so bold?” Isabela shouted.

“You’re right! You Lancaster Family and Dustin are all the same, and no one can escape the relationship!” Victoria Sterling shouted.

“Unjustly…unjustly accused!”

Fourth Uncle Lancaster, along with everyone in the Lancaster Family, all knelt on the ground, kowtowing and shouting injustice.

If this dirty water cannot be washed away, the entire Lancaster Family will be doomed.

“Vicious woman! You are a poisonous woman with a heart of snakes and scorpions. We, the Lancaster Family, have no enmity against you. Why do you want to frame us?!”

At this moment, Waylon Lancaster finally couldn’t bear it anymore and roared.


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