Chapter 1582

Chapter 1582​

He had promised to hand over the formula before, just to preserve the family.

Now Isabela sentenced the Lancaster Family to death with just a few words. It was so cruel and vicious!

Faced with the curse, Isabela’s face did not change, but she hugged her fists at the deputy general of Montgomery Palace and said loudly: “General, Master Montgomery cannot die in vain. All these suspicious persons must be arrested and sentenced to death. Only in this way can we kill chickens to scare monkeys and establish a good foundation.” majesty!”

Hearing this, the deputy general nodded, finally waved his hand and shouted: “Come here! Take all these murderers back and torture them severely!”


Dustin suddenly took two steps forward and said in a cold voice: “Gary Montgomery was killed by me and had nothing to do with the Lancaster Family. I am willing to bear all the consequences!”

“Hmph! You, a murderer, will naturally be severely punished, but these accomplices will never have an easy time either!” the deputy general said sternly.

“If you dare to mess around, I guarantee you will end up like Gary Montgomery.” Dustin’s eyes were cold.

“What? Threatening me? You really are about to die and you don’t know it yet!” The deputy general narrowed his eyes slightly and pulled out the gun from his waist.

Dustin! With dozens of guns pointed at you, I don’t believe you can cause any big waves!” Victoria Sterling sneered.

Dustin, just go ahead and capture him. This way you might be able to keep a whole body.” Isabela said angrily.

“I still say the same thing, whoever dares to mess around today will die!” Dustin was filled with murderous intent.

“Hmph! I think you won’t cry until you see the coffin!”

The deputy general raised his hand and shouted: “Come here! Capture them all! Anyone who dares to resist will be shot to death!”

As soon as he finished speaking, all the armed soldiers loaded their bullets and aimed at Dustin and others.

Seeing this scene, everyone in the Lancaster Family was so frightened that they became silent and panicked.


Just when the atmosphere was tense.

Over the Lancaster Manor, a dozen armed helicopters suddenly appeared.

After the helicopter hovered, ropes were dropped one by one.

Immediately afterwards, elite soldiers armed to the teeth parachuted down from the helicopter.

At first glance, it looks like a soldier descending from heaven, majestic and astonishing.

In a few breaths, the ground was already covered with people.

As soon as these elite soldiers appeared, they hugged the people of Montgomery Palace without any courtesy at all.

Not to be outdone, the soldiers and horses of Montgomery Palace turned their guns one after another and began to confront each other.

Judging from the number of people, the number of elites airborne was obviously twice as many.

“Who are you? How dare you point a gun at our sick in Montgomery Palace? Are you going to die?!” the deputy general glared and shouted sternly.

Looking at the entire Stonia, there are really not many people who dare to go against Montgomery Palace.

“So what about Montgomery Palace? You have to get out of here within three minutes, otherwise, you will be killed!”

At this time, a cold female voice suddenly sounded in the air.

“Who? Who’s talking?!”

The lieutenant looked around.

However, at this moment, a fiery red figure suddenly jumped out of the helicopter.

Without the help of ropes or any equipment, he just jumped out of thin air.


There was a loud bang.

The red figure hit the ground heavily, splashing a lot of smoke and dust.

The next second, a woman wearing a red outfit, with short white hair, and an alluring appearance slowly walked out of the smoke.

It’s the female war goddess Scarlet Spanner!


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