Chapter 1585

Chapter 1585​

Isabela and his group left, and the Lancaster Family’s crisis was finally resolved.

Everyone, headed by Waylon Lancaster, looked at the indifferent Scarlet Spanner with some anxiety.

They were very grateful to Scarlet Spanner for the rescue, but they didn’t understand why the other party did this?

Compared to the Spanner Family, the Lancaster Family is like an ant-like existence.

How could a giant from above care about the life and death of ants?

“You don’t have to think nonsense, I’m helping you out of brother Dustin’s face.”

Scarlet Spanner clearly saw something and gave the answer directly.

“Brother Dustin?”

As soon as these words came out, everyone in the Lancaster Family glanced at Dustin.

One by one was surprised and suspicious.

They always thought that Dustin had no power, no background, and was just a reckless warrior. Now it seems that is not the case.

To be able to make someone like Scarlet Spanner call her brother, it shows that the other person is definitely not a small person.

Faced with surprise and confusion, Dustin didn’t explain anything.

He picked up Gary Montgomery’s head and placed it under Hazel’s portrait, then lit three sticks of incense, bowed three times to the portrait, and murmured: “Hazel, the murderer has been executed, and all relevant personnel will pay their dues.” cost.

In addition, I will protect your family well so that they will not be implicated, and you can rest in peace. “

After saying that, he put the incense into the incense burner and bowed deeply again.

I thought silently in my heart: Hazel, you are one of my few friends, and I will always remember you.

After the memorial ceremony, Dustin came back to his senses and looked at Waylon Lancaster: “Uncle Lancaster, you may not believe in my ability, but I will try my best to make amends and eliminate all troubles for the Lancaster Family.

Gary Montgomery’s death is just the beginning. Anyone who has a grudge against the Lancaster Family or has evil intentions will pay the price.

Take care of yourself, I’ll take my leave now. “

Dustin leaned over and bowed, and then, together with Scarlet Spanner, got on the helicopter and left the restaurant manor in a hurry.

Looking at the helicopter group gradually disappearing, everyone in the Lancaster Family looked at each other with big eyes and small eyes.

No one expected that this would be the result in the end.

Isabela and Victoria Sterling came to threaten and induce, and the Lancaster Family originally planned to settle the matter and hand over the formula.

Unexpectedly, Dustin showed up halfway. Not only did he teach the two women a lesson, but he also brought the head of the murderer Gary Montgomery to pay homage to Hazel.

Later, soldiers and horses from Montgomery Palace arrived. Just when they thought a disaster was coming, Dustin invited Scarlet Spanner God of War to the town.

Everything happened so suddenly, making their moods ups and downs.

In the end, not only were they fine, but they were also protected by the Spanner Family.

It was a blessing in disguise.

The person who made all this happen was Dustin, whom they had looked down upon before.

“Daughter, you have a very good sense. That boy Dustin is indeed a responsible and capable man, but it’s a pity that you can never be together again.”

Looking at Hazel’s portrait, Waylon Lancaster burst into tears for a while.

Although the Lancaster Family has survived the crisis, their daughter will never be able to open her eyes again.

At this moment, on the helicopter.

Dustin sat quietly, looking down at the smaller and smaller buildings below, his eyes becoming a little sad.

“Brother Logan, what should we do next?” Scarlet Spanner asked tentatively.

Not long ago, when she received the news from Dustin, she immediately rushed over without stopping.

There is no reason, no reason, as long as Dustin needs help, no matter what she does, she will do it.

Gary Montgomery’s death is a trouble after all. It is not appropriate for me to reveal my identity for the time being, so Montgomery Palace still needs your help.” Dustin finally withdrew his gaze.

“no problem.”

Victoria Sterling gritted her teeth and said: “Damn Dustin, you actually hurt me like this. After I recover, I will make him pay the price!”

Victoria, things are different now. Now Dustin has Scarlet Spanner’s backing. It would be too risky for us to touch him.” Isabela shook her head.

Although she wanted to cut Dustin into pieces, she had to consider the actual situation.

How could they have the guts to touch the person Scarlet Spanner wanted to protect?

“This won’t work, that won’t work either. Should we just swallow our anger?” Victoria Sterling was a little unwilling.

“of course not!”

Isabela suddenly lowered her voice and said: “Gary Montgomery is Prince Eugene Montgomery’s adopted son and Mark Montgomery’s adopted brother. His death will definitely not be in vain. As long as we report the situation truthfully, Montgomery Palace will naturally find trouble for Dustin.”

“But… isn’t Dustin protected by Scarlet Spanner?” Victoria Sterling was a little confused.

Scarlet Spanner and Dustin are just ordinary friends at best. I don’t believe that she would openly fall out with Montgomery Palace for a pretty boy.” Isabela looked determined.

Everyone has corresponding value. This guy Dustin has no power and power, and is not worthy of Scarlet Spanner’s fanfare.

“Makes sense.”

Hearing this, Victoria Sterling’s eyes lit up: “I’ll call the people in Montgomery Palace right away, and then add fuel to the fire. By then, Dustin will definitely not get any good results!”

With that said, he took out his cell phone and prepared to file a complaint.

But before she could dial the number, her phone suddenly vibrated. It was a call from her father.

She subconsciously connected, and soon, an angry roar came over her instantly.

“You evildoer! Who have you offended? Our Sterling family has suffered terribly from you!”


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