Chapter 1588

Chapter 1588​

She never thought that the Torby Family would be reduced to such a state one day.

The parents fled for their lives in embarrassment, the family was on the verge of bankruptcy, and a large and wealthy family fell apart overnight.

She couldn’t believe it and couldn’t accept the result.

Once the family collapses, her wealthy life will be gone forever.

The days of fine clothes, fine food, and debauchery will also become a swan song.

Isabela, is your family also in trouble?” Victoria Sterling asked tentatively.

“Just like you, my house was confiscated by the authorities.” Isabela’s face was gloomy, and cold sweat kept breaking out.

“Our Sterling family was quarreled, and your Torby Family was also ransacked. How can such a coincidence happen in the world?” Victoria Sterling frowned.

Overnight, the homes of two wealthy families were ransacked at the same time. It was obvious that someone was causing trouble.

Who is it?

Who has so much energy?

“Only the top leaders of the four royal families can use the government to suppress our two families.” Isabela said thoughtfully.

“You mean…the royal Spanner Family?!” Victoria Sterling quickly reacted.

They had just been taught a lesson by Scarlet Spanner not long ago, so they naturally still remembered it.

But she didn’t expect that Scarlet Spanner would go so far and kill them all.

“Eight or nine are inseparable. Apart from the Spanner Family, I can’t think of anyone else.” Isabela said solemnly.

She asked herself that she had never offended anyone in the royal family. Only Scarlet Spanner today had a problem with them because of Dustin.

The most important thing is that with Scarlet Spanner’s status, it is indeed not difficult to bring down the Torby Family and the Sterling family.

“It’s bad, it’s bad… If it’s the Spanner Family’s suppression, wouldn’t we be doomed?” Victoria Sterling panicked instantly.

The Spanner Family is the head of the four royal families and the only one.

It’s really easy to deal with them.

“We underestimated Dustin. It seems that this guy has a close relationship with Scarlet Spanner, otherwise the Spanner Family would not have come forward.” Isabela gritted her teeth.

She didn’t take Dustin’s threats seriously before.

Now that the Torby Family was ransacked and most of the family members were arrested, she realized the seriousness of the problem.

If this continues, the Torby Family will be ruined sooner or later.

Isabela, what should we do now?”

Victoria Sterling said with a sad face: “How about we apologize to Dustin? As long as we ask for his forgiveness and then pay some money and go out, maybe we can avert the danger.”


Isabela’s face turned cold: “How can we, the daughter of a wealthy family, apologize to a stinky loser? If word spreads, how can we have the face to see anyone in the future?”

She remembered very clearly that Dustin’s condition was that they should kneel in front of Hazel’s mourning hall for three days and three nights to repent, and then contribute half of their family property.

Naturally, she would not accept such an excessive request.

“If we don’t apologize, what can we do? We won’t just watch the family collapse, right?” Victoria Sterling looked bitter.

She was unwilling to apologize to Dustin, but now, she seemed to have no choice.

“Hmph! Do you think he can let us go after we apologize? Stop dreaming! He is just teasing us. The more afraid we are, the more arrogant he becomes!” Isabela said sternly.


“Nothing but!”

Victoria Sterling was about to say something, but was severely interrupted by Isabela: “We are not at the point of despair yet. Even if the Spanner Family bans us, we still have a chance to make a comeback!”


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