Chapter 1589

Chapter 1589​

“Opportunity? What opportunity?”

Upon hearing this, Victoria Sterling immediately became energetic.

Now that the Sterling family and the Torby Family are in danger, who else can save them?

“Although the Spanner Family is powerful, it cannot cover the sky with one hand. Among the four royal families, is there any Montgomery Family that can compete with them?”

Isabela said with a serious face: “You have to know that Dustin killed Gary Montgomery. Even with the support of the Spanner FamilyMontgomery Palace will never let it go. Therefore, we can completely rely on Montgomery Palace and deal with Dustin in turn. This way Not only can you protect yourself, but you can also take revenge, it’s like killing two birds with one stone!”

“Yes, yes! This proposal is very good!”

Hearing this, Victoria Sterling couldn’t help but look overjoyed.

Yes, why didn’t she think of this level just now?

Although they were suppressed by the Spanner Family, they still had the support of Montgomery Palace behind them, so there was still room for salvation.

Isabela, I’ll call Sister Dahlia right away and ask her to find a way to help us get through the current crisis.”

Victoria Sterling picked up her mobile phone and was about to make a call, but was stopped by Isabela: “Wait! It may not be useful to call Dahlia. Although she is the adopted daughter of Prince Eugene Montgomery, she is still inferior to Scarlet Spanner. Quite a few.”

“If you don’t fight Sister Dahlia, who can you turn to for help?” Victoria Sterling was a little strange.

“The best person to ask for help is the War God stone Mark Montgomery!”

Isabela analyzed rationally: “Since Mark Montgomery returned to Montgomery Palace, the situation in Montgomery Palace has changed. A group of people who had bowed before Dahlia all turned to Mark Montgomery, and Gary Montgomery is the most typical one. example.

And I heard that Dustin killed Gary Montgomery in front of Mark Montgomery today. Such a bold act was just a slap in Mark Montgomery’s face.

When has the majestic War God stone been so humiliated?

I believe that Mark Montgomery now wants to tear Dustin into pieces!

If we perform well and help Mark Montgomery catch Dustin, it will definitely be a great achievement.

The pressure on the Spanner Family is naturally relieved! “

Hearing this, Victoria Sterling couldn’t help but nodded in agreement: “Yes, Isabela, you are very thoughtful.”

I have to admit that since Mark Montgomery came back, Dahlia’s status didn’t seem to be that high.

Of course, the main reason is that Mark Montgomery holds a high position and holds a large number of troops. In terms of achievements, she is not weaker than Scarlet Spanner.

Even, it needs to be stronger.

Only such a big shot can help them escape from danger.

“Don’t be too happy. We don’t have any friendship with Mark Montgomery. He will definitely not help in vain. Therefore, we must show our value.” Isabela said.

“Value? What value?” Victoria Sterling was stunned for a moment, then said with a strange expression: “Isabela, you don’t want to sell your appearance, do you?”

“What nonsense are you talking about?”

Isabela glared: “How can a person like the Jade Faced God of War be fascinated by women?”

She wanted to stick with him, but the problem was that Mark Montgomery might not like him.

I don’t know how many noble daughters, licking their faces, flatter Mark Montgomery every day. Among them, there are many beauties on the rouge list, but none of them worked.

Being able to sit in the position of the God of War, his concentration is naturally far beyond that of ordinary people.

“If we don’t sell our appearance, what value can we provide?” Victoria Sterling was a little surprised.

“First, our Torby Family and Sterling family are both wealthy families with abundant resources in all aspects. As long as Mark Montgomery is willing to help us tide over the difficulties, we agree to become vassals of Montgomery Palace. Although we will lose some benefits, it is still considerable. Yu has a big backer.

Second, we know Dustin’s weaknesses and details. As long as we use them, we can help Mark Montgomery eliminate this thorn in Mark Montgomery’s side. This is our value! “Isabela said it succinctly.

“It makes sense.” Victoria Sterling nodded repeatedly and said, “Without further delay, let’s go find Mark Montgomery now!”

“But your injury…” Isabela hesitated.


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