Chapter 1591

Chapter 1591​

Logan Rhys?”

Hearing this, the confidant couldn’t help but widened his eyes: “How is it possible? Isn’t that person dead?”

Logan Rhys is just missing. It does not mean he is dead. At least so far, no complete body has been found.” Mark Montgomery looked serious.

The crisis ten years ago happened too suddenly and ended too hastily.

Logan Rhys, who attracted much attention, disappeared mysteriously after that night. Officials only found a body suspected to be Logan Rhys.

However, this corpse had been burnt and could not be identified at all. However, due to the official announcement, many people believed it to be true.

Only truly smart people will understand that there are many doubts here and cannot withstand scrutiny.

However, as time went by and there was no trace of Logan Rhys’s whereabouts, everyone gradually accepted this result.

The reason why he remembered it was that Dustin seemed similar to him.

Not only is he young, promising and powerful, but he also has the same surname as Logan Rhys.

All the signs were connected together, making him suspicious.

“If Logan Rhys had not died, he would have returned to West Lucozia Prince’s Mansion. Why has there been no movement there?” The confidant was a little surprised.

The Prince of West Lucozia has great achievements, so the government sends people to monitor secretly all year round. If there is any abnormality, it is believed that it will be reported back to Stonia soon.

But now, there is no relevant news from all parties.

West Lucozia Prince’s Palace is too conspicuous. Maybe Logan Rhys has something to do, so he keeps his name incognito.” Mark Montgomery rubbed his chin thoughtfully.

Although he is called the proud son of heaven and the strongest god of war.

But in this life, there is still a hurdle that cannot be overcome, and that is The KirinLogan Rhys.

Ten years ago, when Logan Rhys was famous in Stonia, he challenged him, but failed miserably.

For him, this was undoubtedly a heavy blow and a lingering inner demon.

He had been looking forward to having another fair fight with the other party, so as to avenge his past humiliation.

If Dustin is really Logan Rhys, then his chance for revenge has finally arrived.

“Sir, what should we do now?” the confidant asked tentatively.

“Check carefully and confirm your identity first.”

Mark Montgomery said solemnly: “I remember that Logan Rhys has a Kirin tattoo on his body. This is the symbol of being a Kirin son. Find someone to try it on and see if Dustin has it on his body.”

“Understood, I’ll make arrangements right away.”

The confidant nodded and then said, “Sir, if this Dustin is really Logan Rhys, what should we do?”

“The Prince’s Palace of West Lucozia is the worm of the country. As the crown prince of West LucoziaLogan Rhys is naturally a serious concern for the country. We have the responsibility to eliminate the harm to the country.” A cold light flashed in Mark Montgomery’s eyes.

Publicly and privately, he didn’t want Logan Rhys to live in this world.

“Sir, Logan Rhys’s identity is too sensitive. If we take action, it will be very troublesome afterwards.” A close confidant warned.

West Lucozia Palace is not a soft persimmon. Once they know that Logan Rhys died in the hands of Montgomery Palace, they will definitely launch an attack.

With the current power of the Montgomery Palace, the chances of winning against those West Lucozia barbarians are very low.

“This point really needs to be carefully considered. We have to find a scapegoat.” Mark Montgomery began to think about it carefully.

Now that Logan Rhys has not disclosed his identity, it is a good opportunity to take action. Once the opponent is completely exposed, the West Lucozia Palace will definitely send experts to protect him.

It will be too late to act by then.


At this time, a guard suddenly walked in quickly and said loudly: “Sir, Isabela of the Torby Family and Victoria Sterling of the Sterling family came to visit. They said they have something important to see.”

IsabelaVictoria Sterling? What are they doing here? Tell them to get lost.” Mark Montgomery was a little impatient.

Every day there were always some women trying their best to please her, and he was already extremely annoyed.


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