Chapter 1592

Chapter 1592​

“Sir, they said they can help you deal with Gary Montgomery’s murderer. I hope you will give them a chance to meet them,” the guard said.

“Oh, is it so?”

Mark Montgomery raised her eyebrows, and after thinking for a moment, she finally nodded: “Okay, let them in.”


The guard responded and left quickly.

Not long after, two people were brought in, it was Isabela and Victoria Sterling.

Isabela was fine, but her cheeks were a little red and swollen.

Victoria Sterling looked a little miserable, pale and listless. She was sitting in a wheelchair and found it difficult to move. She coughed from time to time and looked very weak.

“Meet the God of war stone!”

Seeing Mark MontgomeryIsabela immediately knelt down and saluted with a very respectful attitude.

Victoria Sterling struggled to get out of the wheelchair, but Mark Montgomery raised her hand to stop her: “Okay, no need to be polite, just get up.”

“Thank you, Lord Ares.”

Isabela stood up quickly, lowering her eyebrows and not daring to do anything beyond the rules.

On the contrary, Victoria Sterling would steal a glance at Mark Montgomery from time to time, feeling like a deer in a hurry.

He is worthy of being one of the four young masters of Stonia. He is indeed handsome and handsome.

She looks much better in person than in the photo.

Even if he is handsome, he still holds a high position and holds great power. He is simply a perfect man.

If she could marry such a man, she would wake up laughing in her dreams.

“Tell me, why did you come to see me?” Mark Montgomery said calmly.

“Sir, we heard that Dustin made a big fuss at Yumian Villa today and openly killed Gary Montgomery. We are very angry about this, so we plan to help you eliminate the trouble.” Isabela got straight to the point.

She knew very well that in front of a big man like Mark Montgomery, any false feelings would be in vain. Fortunately, if she was honest with her, she might be able to convince him.

“I appreciate your kindness, but the question is, what ability do you have to help me?” Mark Montgomery asked.

“We know Dustin very well, and we are also very aware of his weaknesses. As long as we use a little trick, we can lure Dustin to take the bait. At that time, as long as you have a good ambush, you can easily capture this thief.” Isabela is confident. Full of Waylon.

“It sounds pretty good, but why do you want to help me?” Mark Montgomery’s expression remained unchanged.

“To be honest, we have a deep hatred for Dustin. He borrowed the energy of the Spanner Family to suppress our Torby Family and Sterling family, which made us restless. For such a villain, we can’t wait to peel him off!” Isabela said bitterly .

“So, you plan to use my hand to take revenge? And at the same time resist the suppression of the Spanner Family?” Mark Montgomery half-smiled.

“Sir, we have a common enemy. If we cooperate, there will be no harm.” Isabela tried to explain.


Mark Montgomery raised her eyebrows slightly: “What can you provide me? Why should you cooperate with me?”

“Sir, as long as you help our family tide over the difficulties, from now on, we will only obey you!” Isabela knelt down again.

“That’s right, we are willing to be your vassals.” Victoria Sterling nodded repeatedly.

“Okay! Since you are so sincere, I will help you once, but before that, you have to deal with Dustin for me.” Mark Montgomery said.

“No problem! We will definitely eliminate the trouble for you!” Isabela and the two looked overjoyed.

“Next, we should discuss how to invite you to the urn?” Mark Montgomery curled her lips.

Although he was smiling, his eyes were cold, as if he were looking at two dead people.

He was still worrying about where to find a suitable scapegoat.

Unexpectedly, in the blink of an eye, two people came to the door. It was really wonderful!


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