Chapter 1594

Chapter 1594​

After being in contact with him for a while, she already knew Dustin very well.

Not to mention anything else, but when it comes to treating friends, he is almost impeccable.

“Look! He’s coming!”

At this time, Victoria Sterling seemed to see something and suddenly pointed to the door.

Isabela looked around and found Dustin, dressed in white, slowly walking in.

Surprisingly, the other party went to the appointment alone without any helpers.

This will help them implement their plans.

Dustin, are you here? Please take a seat.”

When Dustin approached, Isabela immediately stood up to greet him with a smile.

The enthusiastic attitude was like an old friend meeting again after a long absence.

Dustin was not polite. He sat down on the chair and said coldly: “I’m already here. If you have anything to say, just say it.”

“No hurry, no hurry, drink a cup of hot tea first, let’s chat slowly.”

Isabela had a flattering smile on her face, and while speaking, she poured Dustin a cup of fragrant tea with her own hands.

Dustin just sat quietly, unmoved.

“You’re not worried that I’ve poisoned you, are you? To prove my innocence, I’ll drink it first.”

Isabela reacted quickly, poured herself a cup of tea and drank it in one gulp.

“I’ll drink too!”

Not to be outdone, Victoria Sterling also drank a cup of tea.

They naturally disdained such a despicable trick as poisoning.

And a master like Dustin can easily tell the clues from the drink.

“How’s it going? Is it okay?”

Isabela smiled and said, “Dustin, actually we have always hit it off. I hope we can continue to be friends.”

“Yes, yes, more friends means more paths.” Victoria Sterling nodded in agreement.

“Forget being friends, I really can’t reach you two.” Dustin said coldly.

Dustin, can you give us a chance? We really know our mistake. Please be kind and let us go?” Isabela begged, pretending to be weak.

“Before negotiating terms with me, you must show your sincerity first.” Dustin said expressionlessly.

How can it be so cheap to just say a few words to get rid of the guilt?

“You have to be sincere, right? Okay!”

Isabela nodded, then raised her hand and clapped her hands.

The next second, a red ribbon suddenly dropped from the top of Zuixiang Tower.

Immediately afterwards, a beautiful figure as red as fire appeared on the third floor with a “swish”.

After jumping into the air, he grabbed the red ribbon with one hand and floated down.

She was a very beautiful woman, wearing a red ancient costume, with cinnabar dotted between her eyebrows, and her two jade feet were exquisite and perfect, like beautiful jade, without any flaws.

The face of the woman in red is indifferent, but there is a strange temptation in her eyebrows. Her whole temperament is like a fairy or a demon.

It has the otherworldliness of fairies and the charm of fox demons.

As soon as she appeared, she instantly attracted everyone’s attention.

There was an uproar upstairs and downstairs.

The men were stunned, their eyes glowing as if they were possessed.

Even Dustin, who had excellent concentration, couldn’t help but feel slightly lost when he saw the woman in red.

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