Chapter 1595

Chapter 1595​

I have to admit that the woman in red is beautiful and a top-notch stunner.

Not only the appearance, but the most important thing is the special temperament, which is both fairy and lustful, and can easily make people intoxicated.

“It’s actually a charm technique?”

After being stunned for a moment, Dustin quickly reacted.

When the woman in red spins and falls, she will emit a faint fragrance. Anyone who smells this fragrance will fall into it unconsciously.

Of course, this can only be regarded as a trail.

The really great thing about the woman in red is her eyes.

As the eyes spread, a slight white light emitted, carrying a magical power that seduces the soul.

This is a kind of magic in around the whole country, the magic of charm.

It was obvious that the woman in red was not an ordinary person.

“It’s the matchmaker! The matchmaker is out!”

“She deserves to be one of the top ten beauties on the rouge list. She is indeed breathtakingly beautiful!”

“If I can hang out with the matchmaker for one night, it will be worth it even if I die!”

“The matchmaker is the number one in Zuixianglou. She only sells her skills but not her body. How many rich people spend a lot of money can’t even kiss her, so don’t dream about her.”


Everyone was amazed when they saw the woman in red falling from the sky.

No matter whether they were men or women, everyone could not take their eyes away at this moment.

Zuixianglou’s business is booming, many of which are due to the existence of the matchmaker.

As the top star of Zuixianglou, Matchmaker will cause quite a stir every time she appears.

There are rumors that whoever can pass the matchmaker’s test will get a free night of supper.

But so far, no one has done it.

First of all, to qualify for the test, you must spend a lot of money and stand out from the many rich people.

Then, the matchmaker will set the questions and complete the corresponding tests.

The key is that this opportunity only comes once a month, which is very rare.

In addition, every test is different, so after several years, no one can win the favor of the matchmaker.

Of course, there were also some high-ranking officials in the past who had evil intentions and chose to use force. As a result, they were found dead in the streets the next day.

Later people learned that Zuixianglou was backed by Balermo Martial Alliance.

And the matchmaker is the sister of Han Feiyang, the strongest genius in the world.

Han Feiyang, one of the four young masters of Stonia, is the young master of Balermo Martial Alliance.

He is as famous as the military god Adam Spanner, the War God stone Mark Montgomery, and the sword sect Tyler Juding.

Even the emperor’s relatives had to pay three points of respect when they saw him.

Who dares to provoke such a supreme genius?

Dustin, how about it? Is our sincerity enough?”

Isabela smiled meaningfully: “The matchmaker is the oiran of Zuixiang House. She never shows up easily. For you, we spend a lot of money to invite people to perform. As long as you can pass the matchmaker’s test, you can win the beauty.” Return.”

“That’s right!” Victoria Sterling curled her lips: “The matchmaker is the goddess that countless men dream of. If you are lucky enough to kiss her, it will be a great honor.”

In their view, there is no cat in the world that does not steal fish.

A man’s weakness is always a woman, especially such a gentle and charming woman.

With the beauty of the matchmaker, I believe no man can resist her.

“What do you think of me? I’m talking to you about business, and you’re going to mess with me? Is it interesting?” Dustin said with a cold face.

“What? You don’t like it?” Isabela was startled, looking a little surprised.

“When I say sincerity, I mean the murderer who murdered Hazel, not these romantic people!” Dustin was a little impatient.


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