Chapter 1600

Chapter 1600​

However, she never expected that the so-called ambush would actually be the matchmaker’s body!

You know, the matchmaker is Han Feiyang’s sister.

If there is even a trace of the matchmaker, Han Feiyang will definitely not give up, and all relevant personnel will be liquidated.

Not only would Dustin suffer, but they would also suffer as well.

It wasn’t until this moment that she suddenly realized that she had been used by Mark Montgomery.

Her existence is equivalent to a chess piece that can be discarded at any time.

But at this moment, it was too late to regret.

She could only bite her tongue and try to remove it as much as possible.

“What do you mean, this matter has nothing to do with you?” Dustin narrowed his eyes.

“It’s really irrelevant. We don’t know anything.” Isabela immediately shook her head.

“That’s right, we were framed. Don’t get me wrong.” Victoria Sterling echoed.

“Okay, you said it has nothing to do with you, but let me ask, who does it have to do with? Who ordered you to do this?” Dustin asked back.


Isabela’s expression froze and she glanced at Victoria Sterling subconsciously.

The latter’s eyes were evasive, feeling very guilty and not knowing how to respond.

“Don’t want to say it? Still can’t make it up?”

A fierce light flashed in Dustin’s eyes: “I gave you a chance, but you didn’t cherish it. In this case, don’t blame me for being rude.”

As he spoke, Dustin suddenly took action, grabbed Isabela’s neck and raised her above her head.


Isabela felt her breathing hitched, her pretty face turned red instantly, and veins popped out on her forehead.

A fear of death instantly spread throughout his body, so that his whole body began to tremble crazily.

Dustin! Don’t mess around! We…”

When Victoria Sterling saw this, she was about to threaten her when her neck suddenly tightened.

Dustin’s other hand had already grasped her throat and lifted her out of the wheelchair.

“Both of you… deserve to die!”

Dustin grabbed one in each hand, like squeezing a little chicken.


At this time, a roar suddenly exploded at the door.

Immediately afterwards, a group of warriors wearing powerful outfits and powerful auras rushed in with great force.

Judging from the clothing, these are the elites of the Balermo Martial Alliance.

“Boy! You are so brave. You dare to cause trouble in Zuixiang Tower. Are you going to die?!”

The leader, a short-haired man, shouted angrily.

“Who are you?”

Dustin loosened his hands and allowed the two women to fall heavily to the ground.

“My surname is William, and I am the deacon of the Balermo Martial AllianceZuixiang Tower is the territory under my jurisdiction. Anyone who dares to cause trouble here is not giving me face, and is not giving the Balermo Martial Alliance face!” The short-haired man shouted with eyes wide open.

“Deacon William, you’re here just in time, something big has happened in our Zuixiang Building!”

At this time, an old bustard with heavy makeup ran downstairs quickly, looking very panicked.

Mother He, don’t panic. This kid was about to hit someone, but I stopped him.” The short-haired man didn’t take it seriously.

“It’s not about beating people, it’s about killing people!”

The old bustard pointed at Dustin and said with a trembling voice: “He, he, he…he just committed a murder in public and killed the oiran of our Zuixiang House, the matchmaker!”

“What? The matchmaker is dead?!”

Upon hearing this, the short-haired man stood stunned on the spot as if he had been struck by lightning.

He thought it was just someone making trouble, but he didn’t expect that someone was killed, and it was the matchmaker who died.

The matchmaker is an important member of the Balermo Martial Alliance and has a higher status than him.

Now that he died suddenly and suddenly, I am afraid that the whole world will be shocked!


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