Chapter 1601

Chapter 1601​

“Mama He, you…you’re not kidding me, are you? The matchmaker…is really dead?”

The short-haired man still couldn’t believe it.

The matchmaker is a member of the Balermo Martial Alliance. She is extremely powerful and good at observing people’s emotions. She never offends people easily. How could she be killed?

“Ouch! How dare I joke about such a big thing? My two girls can see it clearly. The matchmaker’s body is lying upstairs. If you don’t believe it, you can send someone to check it out.” The old madam said with her head full. said sweating profusely.

“You two, go up and take a look!”

The short-haired man didn’t dare to tell anyone, so he quickly ordered his younger brother to go upstairs to check.

Not long after, the two boys ran downstairs in a panic and gave the same bad news.

The matchmaker was indeed dead, and she was killed with one blow, without even a chance to resist.

After getting the result, the short-haired man was furious. He glanced at Dustin with fierce eyes and said sternly: “Boy! Do you even know what you have done? If you kill the matchmaker, you will never be able to redeem yourself!”

“Come here! Chop this kid up and feed it to the dogs!”

The short-haired man said nothing and directly issued a kill order.

The matchmaker’s death cannot be in vain. If the murderer cannot be killed today, none of them will be able to escape punishment.


Without saying a word, a group of warriors from the Balermo Martial Alliance immediately charged forward with their swords raised.

Dustin had no expression on his face and raised one hand.

“Boom, boom, boom…”

A large number of silver needles shot out from the sleeves, instantly immobilizing all the warriors in the world.

Each warrior has a silver needle stuck in his neck.

No matter how hard they struggled, they couldn’t move.

“what’s the situation?”

The onlookers looked at each other in confusion, not knowing why.

In their eyes, they could only see the warriors of the Balermo Martial Alliance, running and then suddenly freezing in place, as if they had been cast a restraining spell.

It’s really weird.

“Acupoint-sealing stunt?”

The short-haired man frowned and quickly saw the clues.

With a simple wave of his hand, more than a dozen warriors were immobilized. This method of sealing acupoints was really unpredictable.

It is definitely not something that ordinary experts can do.

“Boy! I admit that you have some ability, but today, you have offended the entire Balermo Martial Alliance, so you will definitely die!”

The short-haired man had a gloomy face and slowly pulled out the knife from his waist.

“I’d like to reiterate that the matchmaker’s death has nothing to do with me. It was framed by someone.” Dustin said calmly.

He naturally knew the reputation of the Balermo Martial Alliance. It was one of the three giants in the world, as famous as the Mystical Order and the Sword Sect.

If he didn’t have any deep hatred, he would never want to be an enemy of Balermo Martial Alliance.

So he had some reservations when he first started, and he didn’t hurt anyone.

“If you are being framed, then follow me to the Balermo Martial Alliance headquarters and explain it to you face to face, but before that, you have to be at ease!” the short-haired man said coldly.

Naturally, he didn’t believe Dustin’s lies, but now he was not sure of defeating the opponent, so he used a delaying tactic to try to trick people into the Balermo Martial Alliance headquarters.

Once there, even if Dustin had great abilities, he would not be able to escape death!

“I don’t have the habit of putting my life in the hands of others, so I can’t agree to your conditions.”

As Dustin said, he suddenly brought Isabela and Victoria Sterling forward and threw them next to the short-haired man: “The death of the matchmaker is related to the two of them. With the methods of your world, it shouldn’t be difficult to find out something.”


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