Chapter 1603

Chapter 1603​

“What’s going on? My body seems to have suddenly become heavier?”

“What a powerful sense of oppression. Could it be that a master has appeared?”


The sudden solemn atmosphere made Zuixiang Tower, which had been in an uproar just now, quickly become quiet.

For no apparent reason, everyone felt a sense of impending disaster.


Dustin raised his eyebrows slightly, turned around and looked at the door.

Immediately afterwards, a tall man wearing white clothes stepped in.

The man in white has sharp eyebrows and starry eyes. He has a dignified appearance and sharp eyes. He exudes an extremely domineering aura in every move he makes.

As if looking down at the king of the world, people are in awe and can’t help but want to bow down and worship.

“It’s Han Feiyang! It’s Han Feiyang of Balermo Martial Alliance!”

After seeing the man in white, a sudden cry of surprise rang out from the crowd.

In an instant, the entire Zuixiang Tower was in a sensation.

“What? Is he Han Feiyang? No wonder he is so outstanding and majestic!”

“Oh my god! I didn’t expect to see Han Feiyang here. I’m so lucky!”

“Even Han Feiyang came forward in person. It seems that there is no way to solve this matter today!”

The appearance of Han Feiyang, a man in white, caused everyone to whisper.

Who is Han Feiyang?

That was one of the four young masters of Stonia, the young master of the Balermo Martial Alliance.

With his extraordinary talents and powerful strength, he is a well-deserved pride of heaven, and he is a being respected by everyone in the world.

Such a talented and powerful person, ordinary people are not even qualified to look up to him. Now he suddenly comes, how can it not be surprising?

Han Feiyang?”

Dustin’s eyes narrowed, and his face looked a little strange.

Although he has never met the other party, he is as famous as Adam Spanner, so he is obviously not an ordinary person.

At least for now, the aura on the opponent’s body is not weaker than Mark Montgomery’s at all, and is even better than that of Mark Montgomery.

“It’s here! Han Feiyang is finally here! Now we are saved!”

After a brief daze, Isabela and Victoria Sterling looked overjoyed, as if they had seen a savior.

They have already experienced what Dustin is capable of, and ordinary martial arts masters cannot defeat him at all.

But Han Feiyang was different. As the young master of the Balermo Martial Alliance, he was recognized as a genius.

Its strength has already reached an incredible level.

His most glorious achievement was five years ago when he single-handedly destroyed the feared Western Demonic Cult.

At that time, the Demon Sect had so many masters and strong men that no one dared to stop them. It was notorious in the world and caused unspeakable misery to the people in the border areas.

Under pressure, the official could only ask the Balermo Martial Alliance to come forward to eliminate the evil and defend the law.

Then, Balermo Martial Alliance sent Han Feiyang.

No one knows what happened that night, but when the official siege troops stormed into the Demon Cult headquarters, they found corpses strewn all over the place and rivers of blood flowing.

And Han Feiyang, holding the head of the Demon Cult leader, sat quietly on the throne, admiring the afterglow of the setting sun.

From then on, Han Feiyang became a god in one battle.

Not only did he become the fourth son of Stonia, he was also promoted to the throne of heir to the Balermo Martial Alliance.

In the eyes of everyone, Han Feiyang is a monster-like existence. There is no other adjective but one word – strong!

Incomparably stronger!

“I heard that the matchmaker is Han Feiyang’s sister, and Dustin killed the matchmaker again. It seems that he is dead today!” Victoria Sterling looked gloating.

“Hmph! Evil people have their own trials and tribulations. Dustin is very powerful, but compared to a top powerhouse like Han Feiyang, he is more than one level behind.” Isabela sneered again and again.

Now she finally understood Mark Montgomery’s plan.

The other party wanted to use Han Feiyang’s hands to kill people with a borrowed knife and eradicate Dustin, the scourge.

I have to say, this plan is very clever.

Of course, the risk is also very high. If Han Feiyang finds out that he is being used, he will definitely be furious


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