Chapter 1604

Chapter 1604​

So no matter what happens today, they must kill Dustin, there is no other choice.

“Young Sect Master?”

After seeing Han Feiyang, the short-haired man struggled to stand up, staggered up to him, knelt down on one knee and said, “My subordinate William Waylon, It’s honor to meet the young sect master!”

“The matchmaker is dead?”

Han Feiyang looked indifferent.

No nonsense, just straight to the point.


The short-haired man looked ashamed: “My subordinates are late in rescuing me. Please forgive me, Young Master.”


Han Feiyang raised his hand and slapped the short-haired man on the face.

The huge force directly knocked the person several meters away. He fell to the ground and vomited blood, making it difficult to get up.

“Whoever killed the matchmaker should come out and die.”

Han Feiyang looked around. There was no anger or roar, only the coldness that penetrated his bones.

“It was him! He killed the matchmaker!”

Isabela immediately stretched out her hand and pointed at Dustin, wanting to peel off his skin and cramp him.

“Yes, yes! We saw with our own eyes that he is the murderer!”

Victoria Sterling echoed again and again, loudly finishing the attack.

“Did you kill the matchmaker?”

Han Feiyang took advantage of the situation and looked around. His sharp gaze was like a sharp blade, exuding a chilling light that made people’s hearts beat.

“I didn’t kill the matchmaker, someone deliberately framed her.” Dustin denied again.

Mr. Han, don’t listen to his sophistry. We all see clearly that he is the real murderer!” Isabela said sternly.

“That’s right! We can all testify!” Everyone agreed.

Seeing this, Dustin sighed lightly and stopped defending.

He had explained it three times and it was clear that no one believed him.

Based on preconceived notions, everyone had already identified him as the murderer.

“Dare to kill my sister? You – deserve to die!”

Without any extra words, Han Feiyang took action directly.

He raised his hand and waved, and a fierce palm wind roared out like a tiger, hitting Dustin from a distance.

Wherever the wind of the palm passed, tables, chairs and dishes exploded one after another, and drinks overflowed. The power was terrifying.

Dustin did not dodge, raised his palm to strike, and struck Han Feiyang’s palm with a crash.


There was a loud bang.

The entire Zuixiang Tower began to shake.

A violent wave of air, like a tsunami, centered on the impact site and swept away in all directions.

Wherever the air wave passed, people turned on their backs and wailed.

A battle between two great geniuses, even a small aftermath, would be fatal enough for ordinary people.


After the palm passed, Han Feiyang couldn’t help but raise his eyebrows, looking quite surprised when he saw Dustin was intact.

He has reached the Great Perfection of Grandmaster, and is only one step away from becoming a Grandmaster.

Although he only used three points of his strength just now, it was enough to kill an innate master.

But Dustin was able to take the palm intact, which shows that the opponent’s strength is probably at the grandmaster level.

There are many young talents in Stonia, but those who can reach the level of a master before the age of thirty are very rare.

“Who are you? Tell me your name!” Han Feiyang said coldly.

If at first, he had the mentality of dismissing ants, now he is a little more curious.

Of course, it’s just curiosity.


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