Chapter 1605

Chapter 1605​

“It doesn’t matter who I am. If you don’t want to be used as a weapon, you’d better calm down and think about it. Your sister and I have no enmity, why should I kill her?” Dustin reminded.

“I should ask you this.” Han Feiyang narrowed his eyes slightly.

“Whether you believe it or not, I have to say that someone deliberately planned this to use your knife to kill me.” Dustin said seriously.

“Who has the guts to take advantage of me?” Han Feiyang asked.

“The two people behind you are insiders. You might as well ask them.” Dustin raised his chin towards Isabela and the two of them, indicating something.


Hearing this, Isabela immediately retorted: “Mr. Han, this guy framed us just to escape the blame. Don’t be fooled. Kill him quickly and avenge the matchmaker!”

“That’s right! If you don’t kill this man, the matchmaker will never die in peace!” Victoria Sterling echoed.

When they finally get the opportunity to kill someone with a borrowed knife, they will naturally not miss it.

“I don’t care what grudges you have between you, but someone must be responsible for the matchmaker’s death. Since everyone believes that you are the murderer, you can’t escape the involvement.”

“Of course, don’t say I bully you. If you can block three of my moves, I will give you a chance to prove yourself.”

“If you can’t stop it, you will die.”

Han Feiyang slowly raised his breath, and a vortex of true energy suddenly appeared around him.

The vortex was like a tornado, spinning constantly, wildly devouring the surrounding aura of heaven and earth.

Soon, a huge humanoid shadow appeared behind Han Feiyang.

The phantom was six to seven meters tall, unusually tall, and exuded a heart-stopping coercion all over its body.

Like a god, it makes people feel cold.

“What a terrifying sense of oppression! Could this be the rumored Four Symbols of the Gods?”

“What? The Four Symbols of the Gods? Isn’t this the unique skill of the leader of the Balermo Martial Alliance? Has Han Feiyang already mastered it?”

“I heard that the four elephants of the gods can destroy the heaven and the earth. They are extremely powerful. Once the law appears, even if there are thousands of troops, they will be unstoppable!”

“This kid is proud enough to die at the hands of the Four Symbols of God!”


Seeing the huge shadow like a god behind Han Feiyang, the onlookers couldn’t help but be shocked.

The Four Symbols of the Gods is known as one of the five secret arts in the world, and it is the top technique.

Once it is fully practiced, it can go up to heaven or earth, move mountains and seas, and do anything.

By that time, it can no longer be called a human being, but a god-like existence!

No one expected that in order to deal with DustinHan Feiyang would not hesitate to use such a killing move.

“Young Master Han has even used his special skills. I don’t believe that he can’t kill Dustin!” Isabela stared at him intently, her eyes filled with hatred.

“Death, die! Die!” Victoria Sterling smiled ferociously, with a somewhat crazy expression.

The Torby and Sterling Families are now in danger, and only by killing Dustin can the crisis be completely resolved.


Dustin narrowed his eyes slightly, with a bit more fighting spirit in his eyes.

The Four Symbols of the Gods is known as one of the five greatest secrets in the world, so it is certainly no small matter.

It is no exaggeration to say that this is a martial art powerful enough to transcend levels of combat.

If an innate Dzogchen master learns it, he can compete with martial arts masters.

If it is learned from a martial arts master, it will be even more powerful. It is completely invincible at the same level and can even challenge the ultimate Grandmaster!

Of course, it is not easy to learn the Four Symbols of the Gods, and it requires an extremely talented person.

“The first move, watch out.”

Han Feiyang slowly lifted it up with one hand, and the airflow around him rotated faster.

Waves of powerful suction emanated from the vortex.

The melon-eaters watching the battle only felt their bodies tighten, as if a pair of invisible hands were constantly pulling them, trying to draw them into the center of the whirlpool.

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