Chapter 1607

Chapter 1607​

“What happened? This guy is not dead?”

Seeing Dustin intact in the center of the field, the onlookers couldn’t help but look at each other in shock.

The Four Symbols of the Gods is a recognized martial arts secret. Every move and every move in it is extremely powerful. How could Dustin be able to withstand it?

Could it be that Han Feiyang showed mercy?

“No way? He’s not dead? Is this guy a member of Xiaoqiang?” Victoria Sterling’s eyes widened and she couldn’t believe it.

The palm that Han Feiyang just struck was astonishingly powerful and terrifyingly destructive.

Even a tough guy might not be able to handle it, but Dustin didn’t do anything at all, which was really hard for her to accept.

Master Han probably didn’t use all his strength just now, so Dustin escaped by chance, but it doesn’t matter, there are still two moves, which are enough to kill him!”

After the brief shock, Isabela quickly regained her composure.

Although Dustin is very powerful, compared to Han Feiyang, he is still more than one and a half stars behind.

She was sure that as long as Han Feiyang was serious, killing Dustin would be a piece of cake.

“You are indeed very strong if you can block my Wind God’s wrath.”

Han Feiyang praised you first, then changed the subject and said, “But that’s it. I won’t hold back any more. Life or death depends entirely on your own fate.”

“I heard that each move of the Four Symbols of the Gods is more powerful than the last. I really want to see it with my own eyes.” Dustin said without changing his expression.

The Four Symbols of the Gods respectively represent the four symbols of wind, fire, thunder, and electricity. The power of each symbol is almost superimposed.

So far, there are very few people who can block the wrath of the Wind God, and even fewer people who can block the wrath of the Fire God.

When it comes to Thunder God’s wrath, he is almost certain to die if he touches it, and no one can stop him.

As for the wrath of the Electric God, no one has ever truly seen it, and no one knows how terrifying it is.

Because the first three moves are enough to dominate the world.

“If you want to see my unique skills, you have to risk your life.”

“Next, the second move.”

Han Feiyang said and raised his hands sharply.

His eyes suddenly turned red, and there seemed to be flames burning inside.

An extremely explosive breath burst out from his body.

In an instant, Han Feiyang’s hair stood on end, and his robes made a rustling sound.


Just heard a roar.

A ball of scorching flame suddenly rose into the sky, forming a huge phantom of the god behind Han Feiyang.

This phantom of the god is much more solid than before, and the facial features can barely be seen clearly.

It was a statue of a fire god who was not angry and mighty. His body was filled with flames and his breath was so hot that it seemed to be able to incinerate all things.

“It’s so hot, it feels like my whole body is burning up.”

“Damn it! Why is it so hot? It’s like being roasted on fire, it’s so uncomfortable!”


When the Vulcan’s shadow appeared, the temperature of the entire Zuixiang Tower soared rapidly.

The originally cool environment quickly turned into a hot zone, like a steamer.

Even the breath coming out of his mouth and nose was as hot as fire.

Many spectators could no longer bear the heat and jumped out of windows to escape.

Some good people endured the discomfort and stepped back a little, staring at Han Feiyang and Dustin, trying to figure out the result.

A battle of this level is so rare. It would be a great blessing to witness the whole process with your own eyes.

“The Wrath of Vulcan!”

Han Feiyang didn’t make any unnecessary moves. When his breath condensed to its peak, he pushed forward with both palms.

The Vulcan phantom behind it immediately made the same palm-pushing movement.

Immediately afterwards, a huge red flame dragon rushed out in an instant and pounced on Dustin with its teeth and claws.

“hold head high–!”

The flame dragon roared and roared, carrying scorching flames and terrifying destructive power, and slammed into it.


Dustin also did not dodge or avoid, activating Xuanqing’s true energy to strengthen the protective shield.


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