Chapter 1608

Chapter 1608​


The turtle shell-like protective shield trembled slightly, and a layer of golden light emitted, which looked a bit dazzling against the flames.


There was a loud bang.

The astonishingly powerful flame dragon finally crashed into Dustin’s protective shield.

In an instant, flames burst out and heat waves surged.

A hot breath, centered on the impact point, spread instantly and swept through the entire Zuixiang Tower.


Zuixiang Tower began to tremble violently, and a large number of decorations were shaken off.

The green tiles on the top also kept falling down like rain.

The flames that exploded before quickly ignited the surrounding wooden buildings.

“Quick! Put out the fire!”

The old bustard didn’t care about anything else and immediately ordered the people in Zuixianglou to start putting out the fire everywhere.

It’s really a fight between gods and mortals.

Dustin and Han Feiyang exchanged two random moves and left Zuixiang Tower in a mess.

If the fight continues like this, the entire Zuixiang Tower will be demolished into rubble.

Unlike the fire-fighting staff, the melon-eaters were looking for Dustin.

After the impact just now, the pit in the ground became bigger and deeper.

The pit was filled with flames, smoke and dust, and was full of ruins.

“Hahaha…dead, dead! The man named Dustin is finally dead!”

Seeing no reaction from the pit, Victoria Sterling thought Dustin had been shattered into pieces, so she couldn’t help but laugh out loud, looking particularly excited.

“Hmph! You deserve to die! This is what you get for opposing us!” Isabela sneered again and again, very proudly.

How could a mere loser defeat a proud man like Han Feiyang?

Defeat and death are only a matter of time.

Her major problem was finally solved.


Just as the two women were smiling happily, a gust of cold wind suddenly blew out, and the flames in the pit were instantly blown out.

Immediately afterwards, Dustin, who looked calm, slowly walked out of the smoke.

There was no death or serious injury, he just walked out intact.

Up and down, except for the scorched corners of his clothes, there was almost no damage.


Seeing this scene, the smiles on Isabela and Victoria Sterling’s faces froze.

The two of them stared wide-eyed, looking like they had seen a ghost.

“How…how is it possible?”

Dustin… is not dead?!”

Isabela and Isabela were stunned and couldn’t accept it at all.

Han Feiyang’s attack just now was enough to kill Dustin into pieces. Why didn’t the other party do anything?

Aren’t their joys in vain?

Not only Isabela and the two were surprised, but all the audience present were also very surprised.

Everyone has witnessed the power of the Vulcan’s wrath just now. Normally, Dustin would not be able to survive.

However, things were so bizarre. Not only did Dustin survive, but he was also unscathed.

“The wrath of the God of Fire is indeed extraordinary. It almost hurt me.”

Dustin stretched out his hand and flicked the ash from the corner of his clothes, looking calm and calm.

I have to admit that Han Feiyang is very strong, and the attack just now was at the level of a ultimate Grandmaster.

Even the Fire God’s Wrath is so powerful, wouldn’t the third move Thunder God’s Wrath and the fourth move Electric God’s Wrath be even more terrifying?

Now, he was already looking forward to it.

The long-lost fighting spirit is awakening from the bottom of my heart.


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