Chapter 1609

Chapter 1609​

“You…are okay?”

Looking at Dustin with an indifferent expression, Han Feiyang couldn’t help but be stunned for a moment.

You know, the power of the Fire God’s wrath is almost twice that of the Wind God’s wrath.

Killing a martial arts master is a piece of cake.

However, not only was Dustin not dead, he was not even injured. This defense was simply terrifying.

“I’m fine, but you burned my clothes.”

Dustin grabbed the corner of his clothes and pointed to the scorched black spot on it.

“…” Han Feiyang.

The fire god’s wrath, which could kill the master, only scorched a little of his clothes, and he felt insulted.

“The Four Symbols of the Gods is a recognized martial arts secret. This guy actually blocked two moves. Isn’t that amazing?”

“I have to admit that this boy’s strength is extraordinary!”

“I don’t know which genius warrior he is, why does he look so angry?”

After the shock, everyone was more confused.

The Four Symbols of the God has always been unstoppable, and it is simply unbelievable that he can resist two attacks without being killed or injured.

This strength is enough to awe people.

Mr. Han! Don’t be merciful anymore. Use all your tricks to kill this thief!” Isabela couldn’t help shouting.

“Come on Mr. Han! Kill this murderer!” Victoria Sterling shouted.

At this moment, both of them felt a little uneasy.

I thought I could kill people with a borrowed knife, but I didn’t expect to be frustrated one after another.

The key point is that Han Feiyang has just said that if Dustin cannot be solved with three moves, he must be let go.

By then, the two of them will be in trouble.

“You are very powerful. I haven’t met a master like you in a long time. To show my respect, I will use my full strength to show you the real killing move!” Han Feiyang looked solemn.

The failure of two consecutive moves made him lose face, and at the same time, it also stimulated his competitive spirit.

The Four Symbols of God, a total of four moves, all of which are fatal.

After the wrath of the wind god and the wrath of the fire god, there is the even more powerful wrath of the thunder god.

Since he learned it, he has never used it because there is no opponent worthy of him using such a killing move.

But Dustin has this qualification.

“Feel free to come over here.”

Dustin stood proudly, without any fear, and his eyes were full of fighting spirit.

“very good.”

Han Feiyang nodded, glanced around, and said coldly: “If you don’t want to die, you’d better leave immediately, otherwise there will be a fight and it will be too late for you to escape.”

As soon as these words came out, everyone was stunned for a moment, and then they immediately dispersed and escaped from Zuixiang Tower.

No one doubted Han Feiyang’s words. For a man of this level, it would be easy to destroy a restaurant.

Even the aftermath of the battle is extremely fatal to ordinary people.

Moreover, after the two impacts just now, the Zuixiang Tower is already shaky and may collapse at any time.

If you continue to stay here, there is only one result: being buried alive.

Soon, the entire Zuixiang Building was swept away.

Everyone was hiding outside, poking their heads through the doors and windows, observing the situation inside.

“The next step is the third move. If you can block this move of mine, I will let you go today.” Han Feiyang said with an indifferent expression.

In fact, after the previous confrontation, he already trusted Dustin.

Because with the other party’s strength, it would be easy to kill the matchmaker, and no one would ever find out.

Of course, if you believe and convert, you will still have to fight.

It’s not easy to meet an opponent, so naturally you can’t miss it.

“Watch it!”

Han Feiyang suddenly took a deep breath, as if a whale was swallowing the ocean, his abdomen began to swell rapidly, and countless spiritual energy from heaven and earth was absorbed into his body.

Immediately afterwards, a dark cloud-like black statue suddenly appeared behind him.


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