Chapter 1610

Chapter 1610​

The black statue has a ferocious face and a mouth full of fangs, which looks very scary.

Especially the powerful aura exuding from his body is even more frightening.

Everyone standing fighting outside Zuixiang Tower felt their breathing tightening, as if a huge stone was pressing on their chests, which was particularly uncomfortable.

Some weak people even had trembling legs, broke into cold sweats, and vomited on the spot, unable to withstand the pressure.

“Thunder God’s Wrath!”

Han Feiyang suddenly roared.

Immediately afterwards, he controlled the black statue behind him and punched through the air.

At this moment, the black statue seemed to come to life, waving its huge fist and hitting Dustin on the head hard.

This punch was earth-shattering, like Mount Tai pressing down on the top, unstoppable.


Just when Dustin was about to activate his body-protecting energy, a thunder suddenly exploded in his ears.

This thunderous sound hit people’s hearts directly, it was impossible to guard against, and there was no warning.

Dustin trembled all over, his head went blank, his hands and feet seemed to be paralyzed, and he couldn’t even lift the slightest strength.

Seeing the mountain-like fist, he was about to smash it into meat pies.

Dustin made defensive movements almost instinctively, crossing his arms and raising them above his head, relying on his body to resist the blow.


There was a loud bang.

The fist of the black statue was like a hammer hitting a nail, directly driving Dustin into the ground.

A terrifying energy suddenly erupted.


There was another burst of thunder.

The powerful aftermath of the explosion swept through the entire Zuixiang Tower instantly.

The originally shaky Zuixiang Tower collapsed directly after such an impact and turned into ruins.

The people who were eating melons standing outside were turned upside down and wailed.

Although they were far apart, the aftermath of Thunder God’s wrath was still difficult to withstand.

When all the dust settled, everyone took a closer look under the moonlight.

The originally luxurious Zuixiang Building has now become a pile of ruins and has never regained its former glory.

If they hadn’t retreated in time, they might have been buried alive.


At this time, a white figure suddenly rose into the sky from the ruins, and then floated to the ground.

It’s Han Feiyang!

Compared with before, Han Feiyang’s face was a little pale at this moment, and his forehead was covered with fine beads of sweat.

Although his expression was indifferent, it could be judged from his heavy breathing that the blow just now consumed him greatly.

“You are proud to die under the wrath of my thunder god.” Han Feiyang let out a long breath.

Dustin’s strength is indeed very strong, but compared to him, it is still a bit inferior.

Using the thunder god’s wrath to bury him is a sign of respect for the strong.

“Hahaha…win, win, Mr. Han wins!”

Looking at the majestic Han FeiyangVictoria Sterling couldn’t help but look so happy that she almost jumped out of the wheelchair.

DustinDustin, even if you have nine lives, you should die this time, right?”

Isabela sneered again and again, and her heart that had been hanging finally dropped.


At this time, something seemed to move suddenly in the ruins.

In an instant, everyone looked over.

Especially Isabela and Victoria Sterling, staring intently, their hearts beating like drums.

No way, right? He’s not dead yet, is he?


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