Chapter 1612

Chapter 1612​

“who are you?”

Han Feiyang frowned and looked a little ugly.

At this moment, Dustin looked ragged and a little embarrassed.

But there were no wounds on his body.

The most important thing is that the opponent’s breath is even and full of energy, and it seems that the more he fights, the stronger he gets.

It’s really scary!


At this time, Han Feiyang seemed to see something and his pupils shrank.

Through Dustin’s tattered clothes, he was horrified to find that the other person seemed to have a unicorn tattoo tattooed on his body.

Kirin’s body was completely black, and its exposed eyes were red. Under the moonlight, they exuded a strange light.

The most terrifying thing was that after looking into Kirin’s eyes, he felt an uncontrollable fear in his heart.

It is a kind of coercion coming from the depths of the soul, which is unpredictable and difficult to resist.

“As soon as the Kirin appears, all beasts surrender.”

“Could it be that you are The Kirin Logan Rhys?!”

After being stunned for a moment, Han Feiyang blurted out.

He had long heard of The Kirin’s reputation. It was a hurdle that all the geniuses in the Dragonmarsh Kingdom could not get around. He was completely unparalleled.

Ten years ago, he was just starting out, but Logan Rhys, the son of Kirin, was already famous all over the world and had achieved the power of a grandmaster.

Looking at the whole world, no one among his peers can match him.

Later, Logan Rhys disappeared mysteriously, and the geniuses of the Dragonmarsh Kingdom emerged one after another, with a hundred schools of thought contending.

He had always been arrogant and never looked down upon anyone, but Logan Rhys was an exception.

Because in his eyes, Logan Rhys is his only strong enemy.

He didn’t know much about what happened ten years ago.

But he knew very well that Logan Rhys had a unique Kirin tattoo, which was why he was called The Kirin.

So after seeing the tattoo on Dustin’s chest, he immediately thought of Logan Rhys.

The same Rhys, the same talent and strength, and the same unicorn tattoo.

You can’t go wrong!

The person in front of me must be The Kirin Logan Rhys!

“What? The Kirin? Real or fake?”

“No way? Isn’t The Kirin dead? Why is he here?”

Han Feiyang’s surprised voice caused everyone to talk.

Especially after seeing Dustin’s exposed unicorn tattoo, everyone was even more shocked.

“Oh my god! He really has a unicorn tattoo on his body. What a coincidence, isn’t it?”

“Could it be that…he is really the world-famous The Kirin?”

At this moment, the entire scene exploded.

Compared to the victory or defeat just now, everyone was more curious about Dustin’s identity.

You must know that The Kirin Logan Rhys is the legendary supreme genius, and he is also the prince of West Lucozia.

Regardless of status or talent, they are all top-notch existences.

The most important thing is that The Kirin has been missing for ten years, and there are rumors that the other party has died of illness long ago.

Now that I suddenly see a living person, I am naturally very surprised.

If this news gets out, it will undoubtedly be extremely breaking news.

Dustin is actually The Kirin? How is that possible?!”

At this moment, Isabela and Victoria Sterling were frightened.

The two of them stared at each other with wide eyes, completely unable to accept it.

This news was like a bolt from th


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