Chapter 1614

Chapter 1614​

“It’s better to choose a different day than to hit the sun. I think it’s tonight!”

Han Feiyang’s fighting spirit was high. As he spoke, he suddenly took a deep breath.

A large amount of spiritual energy from heaven and earth surged in from all directions and was constantly instilled into the body.

Immediately afterwards, Han Feiyang’s momentum increased again, becoming more terrifying and terrifying.

His originally dark pupils turned white in an instant, his hair stood on end, and his robes rustled.

There was lightning and thunder all around, with constant crackling sounds.

The next second, Han Feiyang’s feet lifted off the ground, and his whole body actually floated into the air.

Like an immortal or a demon, majestic and arrogant!

Although he hasn’t made any moves yet, the powerful pressure is already making people breathless.

At this moment, everyone had the urge to kneel down and worship. It was awe that came from the depths of their souls.

It was as if Han Feiyang was no longer a human being, but an omnipotent god!

“This is the most powerful killing move among the Four Symbols of the Gods, the Fury of the God of Lightning. Everyone, please stay away, be careful not to harm Chiyu!”

One person exclaimed, which frightened the surrounding people and distanced them one after another.

In fact, they needed no reminder that they sensed the danger.

Compared with the first three moves, Han Feiyang’s next attack was obviously several times stronger.

Before he takes action, his scalp is numb and his heart is filled with fear.

Master Han is finally going to use his killing move. Dustin will definitely be killed to pieces this time!” Victoria Sterling said bitterly.

“Kill him, kill him! Must kill him!” Isabela gritted her teeth, her face filled with resentment.

The better Dustin is, the greater the threat to them.

If they don’t die tonight, it will be a big disaster in the future, so they can only pray that Han Feiyang can kill Dustin completely to avoid future troubles!


At this time, a loud shout suddenly exploded.

Immediately afterwards, a golden arrow flashed out of the darkness and shot at Han Feiyang with lightning speed.

“call out!”

The golden arrow tore through the air, leaving a long golden afterimage.

Although it did not burst out with great power, it was surprisingly fast, like lightning, arriving in the blink of an eye.


Han Feiyang’s eyelids twitched and he subconsciously raised his hand to block.


There was an explosion, and the golden arrow hit Han Feiyang’s body-protecting internal energy firmly.

Its terrifying explosive power not only penetrated the true energy shield, but also Han Feiyang’s entire body was shaken back several steps.

The offensive that had just been charged disappeared in an instant.

The sudden scene shocked all the onlookers.

No one expected that someone would dare to sneak attack Han Feiyang and force him back a few steps.

“Who is it? Who is stabbing people in the back?!”

Han Feiyang was a little angry, and his sharp eyes swept towards the location where the golden arrow was shot.

“it’s me.”

In the darkness, a handsome young man in luxurious clothes walked over with his head held high.

Behind him were two beautiful female officials.

One holds a bow and the other holds an arrow, accompanying each other.

“Oh it’s you?”

After seeing the man, Han Feiyang couldn’t help but raise his eyebrows slightly, quite surprised.

The person who came was none other than Adam Spanner, one of the four young masters of Stonia!


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