Chapter 1615

Chapter 1615​

“Oh, the dog buyer! Isn’t this the God of War, Adam Spanner? Why is he here too?”

“Damn it! He’s really a god of war! Now there’s something exciting to watch!”

“Oh my god! The God of War is so handsome, much more handsome than on TV!”

Adam Spanner’s sudden appearance caused an uproar around him.

Some young women even had their eyes shining and their faces full of admiration.

There are four war gods in the Dragonmarsh Kingdom, but there is only one military god.

The so-called military god is naturally a person who is brave and resourceful, and is both civil and military.

Adam Spanner was not only extremely brave, but also extremely resourceful. Most importantly, he also had a face that could captivate many women.

In terms of popularity, Adam Spanner is definitely the leading presence in the Dragonmarsh Kingdom.

No matter where he goes, he creates a huge sensation.

Han Feiyang, enough is enough. Isn’t it nice to go home and sleep well at night? What’s the point of fighting and killing here?” Adam Spanner said calmly.

Adam Spanner, do you know who this person is in front of me?” Han Feiyang raised his chin.

“Does it matter who it is? Under the emperor’s feet, everything must follow the rules. You have made enough noise. If you continue to make trouble, don’t blame me for being rude.” Adam Spanner said expressionlessly.

“Judging from your appearance, you should already know.”

Han Feiyang glanced left and right, and soon realized: “You came all the way here, presumably to rescue Logan Rhys, right? But do you think this matter can be kept a secret today?”

Han Feiyang, you are a charlatan. Wouldn’t it be nice to drink and chat every day and do chivalry and justice? Why are you meddling here?” Adam Spanner knocked.

“Since you know that I am a charlatan, you should also understand that our world is about strength.”

Han Feiyang said loudly: “Over the years, I have won hundreds of battles, and I have no enemy. I am really lonely as snow, so now, I need a strong opponent to stimulate my fighting spirit. The Kirin Logan Rhys is my best As long as I defeat him, I will be the best in the world!”

“Number one in the world?”

Hearing this, Adam Spanner smiled, with a hint of sarcasm: “Han Feiyang, not to mention Logan Rhys, you can’t beat Tyler Juding, one of the four young masters, so how can you be considered number one in the world?”

“Sword Sect Tyler Juding?”

Han Feiyang narrowed his eyes slightly and said coldly: “Although Tyler Juding is powerful, he may not be my opponent. When I have the opportunity to meet him, I will naturally compete with him. But now, my target is Logan Rhys!”

Han FeiyangStonia is not the one who has the final say in your world, let alone your misbehavior here. If you dare to mess around today, be careful I shoot a few holes in your body.” Adam Spanner looked indifferent.

“What? You want to challenge me?” Han Feiyang raised his head slightly.

Although the military god Adam Spanner has a distinguished reputation, what he is good at is leading troops to fight and strategizing.

If he were to fight alone, he was confident that he would win with a 90% certainty.

“Challenge? You’re overthinking it. I like to fight in groups.”

Adam Spanner said very calmly: “If you want to fight, you have only two choices. Either you beat a group of us alone; or a group of us beats one of you. It’s your choice.”


Han Feiyang’s eyes twitched and he was speechless for a moment.

He didn’t expect that the mighty military god would actually say such shameless words, yet he still looked serious.

You really don’t care about martial ethics!

“Hey, have you thought about it carefully? Should I fight or not?”

Adam Spanner turned his back on guests and began to urge.


Han Feiyang was a little annoyed.

Logan Rhys is already difficult to deal with, and with Adam Spanner in the mix, he has no chance of winning.

Chapter 1616​

It’s just that he was really unwilling to give up the opportunity after finally getting it.

Adam Spanner, you are a world-famous military god. Are you not afraid of being laughed at if you bully the few here?” Han Feiyang deliberately provoked.

“You have the rules of the world, and our battlefield has the characteristics of the battlefield. You are used to single combat, and I respect your choice, but we are used to group fights. Shouldn’t you also respect us?” said the old god Adam Spanner. .

“You…you are simply arrogant!” Han Feiyang was angry.

He obviously didn’t talk about martial ethics, but he said it so grandly. He had never seen such a shameless person.

“Okay, okay, stop talking nonsense. If you want to be beaten, hit him. If you don’t want to be beaten, leave. Don’t act like a mother-in-law and a mother-in-law.” Adam Spanner became impatient.

These words made Han Feiyang grit his teeth in anger and almost broke his defense.

He is not good at words, but he knows very well that if he continues to make trouble like this, not only will he not be able to get any benefits, but he will also cause a lot of trouble.

Now it seems that we can only retreat temporarily.

Adam Spanner, I remember what happened today, but don’t be too happy too soon, because your appearance has confirmed Logan Rhys’s identity. You can take care of yourself and say goodbye!”

After saying this, Han Feiyang’s figure flashed and disappeared directly into the darkness.

Adam Spanner glanced at Dustin and shrugged, expressing his helplessness.

As Han Feiyang said, Dustin’s identity should not be hidden anymore.

What happens in the inner city can spread throughout Stonia overnight, and even with the energy of the Spanner Family, it cannot be completely blocked.

If you really want to intervene, it will be a cover-up.

“It doesn’t matter, just let nature take its course.”

Dustin shook his head slightly and didn’t care.

He had expected that such a day would come. From the day he set foot in Stonia, he had prepared for the worst.

What is supposed to come will eventually come. You can hide it for a while, but you cannot hide it forever.

Now, it’s time to face the enemy head on.

Isabela, what should we do now?”

In the crowd, Victoria Sterling’s face was full of panic and she was breaking out in cold sweat.

Han Feiyang has left, and the plan to kill Dustin has completely failed.

Now their condition is precarious and their lives may be in danger at any time.

“Get out of here first, it’s important to save your life!”

Isabela gritted her teeth and quickly made a decision.

Although they were a little reluctant, now they could only go back and seek help from Mark Montgomery before making other preparations.


Just when the two of them were about to run away, they saw a figure flash in front of them.

Dustin, who was standing far away just now, had already stood in front of them at some point.

“Where are you two going?”

Dustin turned around slowly, his eyes as cold as ice and full of murderous intent.

“I… we suddenly have an emergency at home, so we need to take the first step.” Victoria Sterling forced a smile.

“Oh? Really? Do you want me to give you a ride?” Dustin said with a cold face.

“No… don’t bother, we can just go back by ourselves.” Victoria Sterling looked stiff.

“It’s no trouble, it’s just a breeze.”

Dustin suddenly grinned: “Besides, I’m happy to send you to hell, so you’re welcome and have a nice trip.”


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