Chapter 1623

Chapter 1623​

The night passed quickly.

The next morning, after Dustin finished washing, changed his clothes, he was ready to go out.

Brother Dustin, this trip is dangerous. How about I go with you? This way I can take care of you.”

Maximus chased him out of the room, carrying a sword on his back.

Although he is not strong enough, he still has no problem guarding Dustin.

“No, you stay at home. Protecting Uncle Lorenzo is your first priority.”

Dustin patted Maximus on the shoulder: “Remember, if something goes wrong, take Uncle Lorenzo and the others away immediately. Don’t take any risks.”


Maximus nodded heavily: “Even if I risk my life, I will keep Uncle Lorenzo safe!”

“Don’t say such unfavorable words. I’m just going out for a trip. I won’t be delayed for long. Just pay attention and let’s go.”

Dustin said hello and went out alone.

Qinshan is located in a remote suburb, and it takes about two hours to drive.

Because it is inaccessible, its reputation is not obvious. As for internal energyxia Temple on Qinshan Mountain, no one knows it.

If it weren’t for the help of the man in the palace, how could Dustin have expected that the once glorious and powerful prince wales would hide in a small temple to eat fast and chant Buddha’s name?

But there are some things that cannot be avoided.

When Dustin was on his way to internal energyxia Temple, an invisible storm began to surge in Stonia City.

All forces are beginning to make moves.

At this moment, in the study room of Yumian Villa.

Mark Montgomery was practicing military strategies on the sand table, but there was another thing on his mind.

“grown ups!”

At this time, a confidant suddenly walked in quickly and respectfully reported: “I just received a secret letter. It is extremely urgent. Please read it immediately.”

“Oh? Submit it for a look?”

Mark Montgomery took the envelope with one hand and opened it. The contents inside made his eyes light up.

Logan Rhys went to internal energyxia Temple in Qinshan Mountain and tried his best to stop him. If necessary, he would kill without mercy!”

Mark Montgomery read the letter in a low voice, and the smile on her lips became more and more prosperous: “It seems that someone in the palace can’t sit still. They know that Logan Rhys is a serious problem, so they want to kill him in advance to silence him.”

“Sir, what should we do?” the confidant asked tentatively.

“Of course I’m following orders.”

Mark Montgomery smiled playfully and said: “As a general, it is our bounden duty to obey orders. We will do whatever the superiors ask us to do. Anyway, if something goes wrong, someone will take the blame.”

He was still worried about how to deal with the scourge of Logan Rhys without compromising himself at the same time.

It’s fine now, no need to worry.

Someone from above gave orders, and all he had to do was follow them.

“Why are you still standing there? Call the White Wolf Guards immediately and rush to Qinshan to kill the national traitors!” Mark Montgomery shouted.

“Got the order!”

The confidant responded and immediately turned and left.

Soon, an extremely elite team began to mobilize quickly.

On the other side, the Balermo Martial Alliance headquarters.

Han Feiyang was sitting cross-legged in the practice room, practicing quietly.

The training room of the Balermo Martial Alliance is specially equipped with a spirit gathering array, and the training speed is several times that of the outside world.

However, since the spirit gathering array requires the loss of many rare items, every minute and every second when it is opened is extremely precious.

Ordinary disciples naturally don’t get this treatment.

Only true geniuses are eligible to enjoy the increase in the practice room.

“Dong dong dong…”


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