Chapter 1624

Chapter 1624​

At this time, a knock on the door suddenly sounded.

Han Feiyang slowly opened his eyes and said, “Who?”

“it’s me.”

An old man wearing white clothes with white beard and hair opened the door and walked in.

The old man has white hair and a childlike face, a tall and straight figure, a calm and intimidating face, and an ethereal aura that comes from the dust all over his body.

This person is none other than the sect leader of Balermo Martial AllianceXiao Wuming!


Han Feiyang looked serious and stood up quickly: “Why are you here?”

“Come and see you.”

Xiao Wuming smiled lightly and asked, “Feiyang, how have you been entering the country these days?”

“I have reached Grandmaster Dzogchen, and I am only one step away from becoming a Grandmaster.” Han Feiyang replied truthfully.

With his current strength, if he used the Four Symbols of the Gods, he would be able to compete with ordinary ultimate Grandmasters.

“Yes, it is not easy to reach this level at such a young age. I was far inferior to you when I was a teacher.” Xiao Wuming nodded happily.

“Master, thank you for your praise. If it weren’t for your careful cultivation, how could this disciple have achieved what he is today?” Han Feiyang lowered his head.

“There is no need to be modest. You are where you are today, all thanks to your own efforts.”

Xiao Wuming smiled and then said: “Oh, by the way, I heard that you had a battle with someone last night and used the Four Symbols of the Gods. I wonder if this is the case?”

“It’s true.”

Han Feiyang did not deny it: “That man was very powerful. He actually blocked the first three moves of the Four Symbols of the God of Heaven. But it is a pity that the disciple did not have the chance to use the fourth move of Lightning God’s Wrath, otherwise he would definitely be able to win in battle!”

“very good.”

Xiao Wuming nodded with satisfaction: “Although you didn’t win last night, today, you have a chance to avenge your shame.”

“Huh?” Han Feiyang was stunned and didn’t respond.

“The person you fought against last night was The Kirin Logan Rhys. I believe you already know that.”

Xiao Wuming said somewhat meaningfully: “This morning, an old friend sent a message asking our World Association to do something. I think you are very suitable.”

“I wonder what Master wants me to do?” Han Feiyang asked tentatively.

“Kill Logan Rhys and eliminate thieves for the country!” Xiao Wuming’s face became serious.

“What? Kill Logan Rhys?”

Han Feiyang’s eyelids twitched and he looked shocked: “Master, are you kidding me? Logan Rhys is the crown prince of West Lucozia. If we kill him, our world will be in big trouble.”

Looking at the entire Dragonmarsh Kingdom, who doesn’t know the majesty of the West Lucozia Palace?

The 500,000 black dragon troops under his command are even more invincible and unstoppable.

The most important thing is that the King of West Lucozia is famous for being a domineering protector. Once he learns that his son has been killed, he is afraid that he will immediately send troops and raze the world to the ground.

Although the Balermo Martial Alliance is known as the largest sect in the world, it has not yet reached the point of competing head-on with the West Lucozia Palace.

“Don’t worry, if I dare to ask you to do this, I will naturally have a perfect plan. Just go ahead and fight, and I will handle all the follow-up matters.” Xiao Wuming said without changing his expression.

“Master, I don’t understand, who can make you take such a big risk?” Han Feiyang frowned.

“There are some things that I can’t tell you yet. When you sit in my seat, you will naturally understand.” Xiao Wuming shook his head slightly.

“But…” Han Feiyang hesitated.

Feiyang, this is your chance to prove yourself. As long as you kill Logan Rhys, from now on, you will be unparalleled in the world!”

Seeing that Han Feiyang remained silent, Xiao Wuming sighed softly and said, “Of course, if you don’t want to go, I won’t force you. The task of killing Logan Rhys can only be done by me personally.”

“Master! Your old injury has not healed yet. If you attack others, you may be deeply hurt!” Han Feiyang was a little anxious.

“There is no way, for the development of Balermo Martial Alliance, there are some things that I have to do as a teacher.” Xiao Wuming shook his head, feeling helpless.

Seeing his master sighing, Han Feiyang gritted his teeth and finally agreed: “Master, let me go. Young people’s affairs should be resolved by young people.”

“Good disciple, my master’s love for you has not been in vain.”

Xiao Wuming nodded happily: “Logan Rhys is heading to internal energyxia Temple in Qinshan Mountain. You should take people there immediately. No matter what the cost, you can


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