Chapter 1625

Chapter 1625​

Qingfeng Mountain, Hanbingtan.

At this moment, a handsome, shirtless young man was sitting on the water with his eyes closed and meditating.

Its body is like a light boat, undulating slightly with the flowing water waves.

Above the young man’s head, there were several birds flying around, holding twigs of straw in their mouths, preparing to build nests.

Under the water, a group of fish were playing and circling around the young man.

At this moment, the young man seems to be integrated with nature and resonates with all things in the world.


At this time, a black figure suddenly fell from the sky and landed steadily on the lake.

His feet made slight ripples, causing the fish underwater to scatter in all directions and several birds to fly into the sky.

“Junior brother, the time has come. Master orders you to come out of the mountain immediately without any mistakes!” said the man in black.

The young man closed his eyes and still sat quietly on the lake without any reaction, as if he had not heard anything.

The man in black frowned slightly and spoke again: “Junior brother, the target of this mission is The Kirin Logan Rhys. Haven’t you always wanted to fight him? This is your best chance.”

As soon as these words came out, the young man who had been silent until now slowly opened his eyes.

There was a rare sparkle in his lazy and lifeless eyes.

“Where?” The young man said calmly.

Qinshan internal energyxia Temple!” said the man in black.

The young man said no more, slowly stood up from the lake, and then stretched.

Then, with a little step, his whole body instantly ejected, turning into a golden light and disappearing into the sky.

“I transformed my body into a sword and flew in the air. Could it be that my junior brother has broken through again?!”

The man in black looked surprised and murmured to himself.

A ultimate Grandmaster in his early twenties, looking at the whole world, who can compare with him?

Even The Kirin, who is blessed with luck, is slightly inferior.

This is truly unparalleled in the world!

Yunlai Town, Ping’an Village.

A middle-aged man with unshaven beard and dirt all over his body was walking home with a smile on his face, carrying two wooden buckets.

The wooden barrel on the left is filled with fish, and the wooden barrel on the right is filled with a large number of shrimps and crabs. It looks like the harvest is very good.

Shagen, you’re back so soon? It looks like the harvest is good.”

Some neighbors will say hello warmly when they see it.

Shagen scratched his head and responded with a silly smile.

When we reached the entrance of the village, a group of children who had been waiting for a long time immediately surrounded us, chattering in various ways.

Shagen Shagen! I just picked up a gem. Can I trade it for two of your fish?”

A little boy grabbed a pebble, handed it to Sha Gen, and said happily: “Hey! If you don’t say anything, I’ll take it as your promise!”

As soon as he finished speaking, the little boy grabbed two fish and ran away.

Shagen! I want to eat crabs. If you give me a few, I will be your good friend!” said the little girl.

“Good friends…good friends…”

Shagen grinned and tied a few big crabs with straw ropes smoothly and handed them to the little girl.

The little girl cheered and ran home immediately carrying the crab.

Shagen Shagen, I also have gems. I also want to trade for fish, and I want to trade for a bigger one!”

“And I still have me, I want it too!”


A group of children chatted and coaxed and begged, and quickly wiped out all the fish, shrimps and crabs in Shagen.


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