Chapter 1628

Chapter 1628​

Shagen wiped the dirt off the little girl’s face and said with a smile: “Hei Ya, remember to eat on time and take care of yourself. I’m leaving first.”

The little girl nodded heavily and then watched Shagen leave.

It wasn’t until many years later that she realized that the books Shagen gave her were priceless treasures that countless big shots dreamed of.

At this moment, by the creek in Ping An Village.

Several women chatted and laughed while doing laundry.

The conversation was all about family feuds and gossip.

“Look, there’s a handsome guy!”

At this time, a woman in yellow pointed in the direction behind her.

Several people looked back and couldn’t help but be slightly startled: “Isn’t this stupid?”


The woman in yellow took a closer look and finally recognized it, and said in surprise: “Hey! You are really stupid, but why does it look different today?”

“The clothes are clean, the hair is no longer messy, and the silly smile is no longer on his face. Not to mention, he looks a bit handsome.” Several women talked about it.

Chuntao Chuntao, your stupid family is here!”

The woman in yellow shouted not far away.


The woman named “Chuntao” subconsciously raised her head.

I saw Shagen, who usually looked silly, walking over with a smile.

With his regular facial features and deep eyes, it seems that his whole temperament has changed and he has become unrecognizable.

Shagen?” Chuntao called tentatively.

Chuntao, I have to go on a long journey and it will probably take a long time to come back. I’ll leave you with the family matters.” Shagen nodded slightly.

His coherent words made everyone stunned for a moment.

In their impression, Shagen never said a complete sentence, but often repeated a few simple words stupidly.

But just now, Shagen’s words were clear and his voice was loud, just like a normal person, which was really incredible.

“You…can speak?” Chuntao’s eyes widened, a little confused.

Chuntao, thank you for taking care of me for so many years. I am lucky to be married to you and the happiest thing in my life.”

“It was you who made me feel the warmth of the world; it was you who made me understand the meaning of living; it was you who changed my boring life.”

“In the past, I was arrogant and thought I was extraordinary, but in fact I was deceiving myself.”

“It wasn’t until I met you that I suddenly realized that glory, wealth, fame and prestige are all unimportant.”

“The most important thing is to eat three meals a day, be happy, and be safe.”

Shagen stepped forward, took out a jade pendant from his arms, and handed it to Chuntao: “I didn’t give you anything when I got married. I’m giving it to you now. I hope it can keep you safe.”

Shagen, where are you going?” Chuntao suddenly felt uneasy.

“Go help someone and make up for the debt you owe back then.” Shagen said with a smile.

“Then…are you coming back for dinner?” Chuntao asked again.

“It’s hard to say, I’ll try my best to come back.” Shagen said.

“I’ll make braised pork for you tonight, you must remember to come back.” Chuntao forced a smile.

“Okay.” Shagen nodded heavily.

After looking at Chuntao reluctantly, he finally turned and left.

Chuntao looked at the retreating figure. After standing still for a few seconds, she seemed to remember something. She took a few steps forward and shouted in a trembling voice, “I don’t know your name yet?”

“My name is Bai Ya.”

Shagen didn’t look back, and his voice came from far away, like a tiger roaring and a dragon roaring: “West Lucozia Sword Immortal, Bai Ye!”


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