Chapter 1629

Chapter 1629​

Tianji PavilionBaixiao Hall.

A man with an elegant temperament took out a roll of parchment from his treasure chest.

On the cover of the parchment, three characters were written: Stunning List!

Tianji Pavilion’s stunning list includes the world’s top experts.

There is no age limit on the list, there is no distinction between men and women, there is no distinction between young and old, everything depends on strength.

But what is certain is that the people who can be on the list are all famous legends!

The elegant man opened the seal and slowly unfolded the parchment.

The content inside is very simple, only ten names are written.

From top to bottom, respectively.

Top of the list: Longhu MountainCornelius Xuanji.

List two: Hulong PavilionLi Yuanwu.

List Three: West Lucozia Sword Immortal, Bai Ye.

Fourth on the list: The leader of the Sword Sect, Tyler Xingchao.

List Five: The leader of the Balermo Martial Alliance Sect, Xiao Wuming.

List 6: Leader of Mystical Order, don’t hate the sky.

List 7: Hanshuang, the lord of Hanshuang City.

List eight: Director of the Sterling Reidshu Department, Sterling Reidshu.

List Nine: The Lord of the Black List, Old Ghost

List 10: Nestor, the regular attendant in the palace.

The elegant man glanced up and down, then picked up the brush and put a check mark next to Nestor’s name on the list.

As the brush moved up, another check mark was placed next to the name of Bangjiu Laogui.


At this time, a disciple of Baixiao Hall suddenly ran into the door in a hurry, handed a bamboo slip with both hands, and reported: “Report to the Hall Master, I just received news that the Lord of Hanshuang City, Hanshuang has left the city!”


The elegant man raised his eyebrows slightly, quite surprised.

You know, Hanshuang has been guarding the city for ten years and has never taken a step forward. Unexpectedly, today, the other party has broken his own rules.

“Where did the frost go?” the elegant man asked.

“If you go straight to Stonia, you will most likely go to Qinshan.” Baixiaotang disciple reported.

Qinshan internal energyxia Temple?”

The elegant man reacted quickly and curled his lips: “Interesting… First it was Nestor, then Old Ghost, and now even Hanshuang has moved. It seems that Logan Rhys will be in trouble today! “

Baixiaotang is famous for selling information, with many eyes and ears, and is well-informed.

Whenever there is a major event, Baixiaotang will know it immediately.

For example, last night, the whole Stonia was in a turmoil, and this morning, there was even more excitement in all directions.


Just as he was thinking about it, another Baixiao Hall disciple ran in, handed over a bamboo slip with news, and reported: “Report to the Hall Master, there is a sword light approaching at a very fast speed from the direction of West Lucozia.”

Hudsonuang? Who is it?” the elegant man asked immediately.

“Judging from the sword’s power, it should be Sword Immortal Bai Ye!” the disciple of Baixiaotang reported.

“Even Bai came out of the mountain?”

The elegant man narrowed his eyes: “As soon as Bai Ye comes out, the person in the Dragon Protection Pavilion will definitely not sit idly by and ignore it, and the Sterling Reidshu Division will also make some moves. Judging from this, a major earthquake will occur in the entire world. .”

Five out of ten are on the world-shaking list. This is an unprecedented event.

The world situation is bound to be in turmoil.

I really don’t know if it’s a blessing or a curse.

At this time, the elegant man seemed to have thought of something, and immediately said: “You two, go and inform the Pavilion Master immediately, I am afraid that the world-shaking list will be reshuffled!”

Forbidden City, Imperial Prison.

A thin, white-haired old man looked at the messy hexagrams on the table, his brows furrowed.

“how so?”

The white-haired old man couldn’t believe it, so he repeated the divination several times, but got the same result.

For a moment, the white-haired old man’s face became even more ugly.

“Master, what’s wrong?”

Behind him, a veiled woman asked.


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