Chapter 1630

Chapter 1630​

She had never seen her master like this.

Margaret, something big is going to happen. I just divined the outcome of the internal energyxia Temple incident and found out that it is a very bad sign, which is likely to affect the fate of the country.” The white-haired old man said in a solemn tone.

“Affecting the destiny of the country? Could it be that Logan Rhys will die?” Margaret’s eyelids twitched.

She specially reminded him last night and even gave him an amulet, just because she didn’t want anything to happen to Logan Rhys.

Because once the opponent dies, there will be frequent wars and bloodshed.

“It has nothing to do with Logan Rhys. The national destiny I am referring to is Dragon Vein.”

The white-haired old man frowned and said: “In this internal energyxia Temple incident, someone will destroy the Dragon Vein. By then, the national destiny will be damaged, a catastrophe will come, and the entire Dragonmarsh Kingdom will change the world!”

“So serious?” Margaret frowned.

As a member of the royal family and a disciple of Qin Tian Jian, she naturally understands the importance of dragon veins.

Once it is destroyed, the royal family will be in turmoil and power will change. In serious cases, there will even be a change of dynasty!

“Master, is there any way to save it?” Margaret asked again.

“The fate has been decided and cannot be changed. From now on, we can only follow God’s will.” The white-haired old man shook his head and sighed.

He tried to spy on the secrets and find a way to crack it, but as soon as he had this idea, his mind trembled as if he had been struck by lightning.

This is a sign and a warning from God.

Once he does this, he will inevitably suffer divine punishment and die.

“It’s a very important matter. I have to go back and tell my father and ask Master to help.” Margaret saluted with both hands.

“Useless work, even for officials, can’t change anything.” The white-haired old man shook his head again.

“No matter what, you have to give it a try.” Margaret’s eyes were firm.

“That’s all, go ahead.”

The white-haired old man stopped blocking him and sighed: “You are blessed with good luck. Although you cannot change your fate against the will of heaven, you may be able to recover some losses.”

“Thank you, Master.”

After Margaret bowed deeply, she decisively turned around and left.

Longquan Mountain, in a magnificent palace.

A stone statue sitting cross-legged stands on the altar, enjoying the offerings of incense.

Under the stone statue, more than ten people were sitting on their knees, practicing quietly, motionless, as if they had already entered samadhi.

These are all members of the Dragon Protection Pavilion, and they are the most mysterious and powerful force in the Dragonmarsh Kingdom.

Although there are not many in number, they are all martial arts masters and can withstand thousands of troops.

Dragon Protection Pavilion has always been hidden in the dark, never showing up easily, and very few people know about it.

Even many of the royal family’s children were kept in the dark, let alone ordinary dignitaries.

Hulong Pavilion is not under the jurisdiction of the imperial power, and it is also above the imperial power.

Although he does not care about state affairs, the emperor must comply with every decision.

It is no exaggeration to say that the Dragon Protection Pavilion is the true master of the entire Dragonmarsh Kingdom!


At this time, right in front of the palace, a red spear enshrined suddenly began to vibrate.

The gun body was surrounded by red light and emitted bursts of dragon roars, as if it was about to rise from the ground and pierce the sky at any time.


In an instant, more than a dozen members of the Dragon Protection Pavilion who were practicing meditation opened their eyes.

“What’s going on? Why did ancestor’s gun move?”

“The ancestor’s gentian red flame spear is the best spear in the world. It has already been connected to the gods and can make it feel the presence of threats. What is it?”

“Could there be an expert invading the Forbidden City?”

Everyone looked at me, and I looked at you, and for a moment they looked at each other, not knowing why.

“Click, click, click…”

Just as the red spear was shaking, the stone statue enshrined in the Shentan Mountain suddenly became abnormal.

Fine cracks began to appear on the surface of the stone statue, and in just a few breaths, they spread all over the body.

After a while, the stone statue suddenly exploded with a “bang” sound.

Immediately afterwards, an old man with white hair and red eyes slowly stood up from the altar.

The old man was tall, with a cold face, and red eyes like fire, carrying a heart-stopping pressure.

“Congratulations to our ancestor for coming out of seclusion!”

When the members of the Dragon Protection Pavilion saw him, they all knelt down and saluted, their faces filled with awe.

The old man with white hair and red eyes is none other than the Pavilion Master of Dragon Protection Pavilion, the second most powerful man on the world-shaking list, Li Yuanwu!

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