Chapter 1631

Chapter 1631​

“What’s the matter?”

Li Yuanwu shook off the stones on his body and slowly walked down the altar.

There was no emotion in the red eyes, as if they were gods that were indifferent to everything.

In fact, for ordinary people, Li Yuanwu’s existence is no different from the gods in the sky.

With a snap of your fingers, you can turn people into ashes.

“Ancestor, the Rgentian Red Flame Spear suddenly appeared strange, as if it was stimulated by something.” A member of Ichigo Ryukaku replied.


Li Yuanwu looked back at the red spear behind him, then stretched out his hand to make a move.


The red spear shot up from the ground with a slight roar, and landed firmly in Li Yuanwu’s hand.

Li Yuanwu closed his eyes, sensed carefully, and soon got the result.

“It turns out that the Dragon Bird Sword has appeared. No wonder you are so excited.” Li Yuanwu murmured to himself.

As soon as these words came out, the members of the Dragon Protection Pavilion all looked surprised.

“Dragon Bird Sword? Could it be the best sword in the world?”

“As far as I know, the Dragon Bird Sword is now the sword of the Sword Immortal Bai Ye. Could it be that Bai Ye has arrived in Stonia?”

“Hmph! This man is so brave. He dared to break into Stonia without the order of the Dragon Guard Pavilion. It is simply unreasonable!”

When they heard that Longque Sword was born, some people were surprised and some were angry.

Hulong Pavilion holds the imperial power and is in charge of world affairs. No matter who it is or what force it is, they must bow their heads in front of Hulong Pavilion.

Bai Ye broke into Stonia’s territory without giving any advance notice, completely ignoring Dragon Protection Pavilion.

This kind of behavior is obviously challenging the authority of Dragon Protection Pavilion.

“You guys guard the dragon’s veins, I’ll go out and take a look.”

Li Yuanwu didn’t say much. After saying a word, his figure flashed, turned into a red light, and disappeared into the sky.

As soon as Li Yuanwu left, the members of the Dragon Protection Pavilion were not idle and immediately activated the mountain protection formation, just in case.

What is hidden under the Longquan Mountain is the dragon vein of the Dragonmarsh Kingdom, and it is also the foundation of the Dragon Protection Pavilion.

Dragon veins are not only related to the destiny of the country, but are also a very scarce resource.

Being on the Dragon Vein, the cultivation speed of the members of the Dragon Protection Pavilion will be greatly accelerated, which is equivalent to a thousand miles faster than the outside world.

In addition, the spiritual energy emitted by the dragon veins also has the effect of healing internal injuries and prolonging life.

As long as they absorb it for a long time, they will live longer and become stronger.

Ancestor is the best example.

It is precisely because of the blessing of the dragon vein that the ancestor can become the second strongest man in the world.


Dustin drove for two hours and finally arrived at his destination, Qinshan.

Qinshan is remote and inaccessible.

Along the way, you can hardly see any residents.

There is only one road up the mountain, and it is overgrown with weeds. It has obviously not been cleared for a long time.

Dustin stood at the foot of the mountain and looked into the distance. He could vaguely see the outline of a temple on the top of the mountain.

Dustin took a deep breath, followed the path, and climbed up the stairs step by step.

The entire Qinshan Mountain is very quiet, with only the occasional sound of wind and the chirping of insects and birds.

Compared with the prosperity of Stonia, this place is like another world.


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