Chapter 1633

Chapter 1633​

“Who are you? What are you doing here?!”

The two monks immediately changed their positions, one behind the other, blocking Dustin’s path of advance and retreat.

Two pairs of eyes stared at him, extremely alert.

They have lived in seclusion here for many years, hiding from the world and rarely having contact with outsiders.

Now that a stranger suddenly appeared and asked to see the prince by name, it was obvious that he came with bad intentions.

“My Rhys and my name is Logan. I’m here to pay homage to prince wales. I hope you two can make way.” Dustin said calmly.

Logan Rhys?”

The two monks looked at each other, even more shocked.

They really didn’t expect that Logan Rhys, who disappeared ten years ago, would suddenly come to visit.

Mr. Rhys, we are a temple here. There is no Linjiang King. You have found the wrong place. Please go back!” The round-faced monk said solemnly.

“Two masters, I have come all the way to see you sincerely. You may wish to go in and inform me.” Dustin clasped his hands and saluted.

Mr. Rhys, don’t try to force others to do something difficult. Our temple is small and cannot accommodate a big Buddha like you.” The round-faced monk said.

“You Buddhists believe in cause and effect. Master Juechen planted the cause ten years ago. Now, it’s time to come to an end. Blindly escaping from the world is just deceiving yourself and others.” Dustin said loudly.

“I don’t understand what you are talking about.” The round-faced monk shouted with a cold face: “Mr. Rhys, let me say it again, our abbot has gone into seclusion and does not see outsiders. Please come back!”

“I have said all my good things. If you insist on not giving in, then don’t blame me for forcing my way in.” Dustin’s face became colder.

No matter what, he must see Lucy Norris today.

“Donor Dustin! How can you be allowed to run wild here in the holy land of Buddhist temples?!” the round-faced monk shouted.

“If you don’t leave, we’ll beat you out!” Another monk became impatient.

“You can try it.”

Dustin had no expression on his face. He didn’t care and rushed directly to the Buddha Hall.


When the two monks saw him, they immediately became furious. They immediately waved their fists and attacked Dustin one after another.

The two men had strong aura and fierce fists. With each move, the sound of thunder could be heard.

He is already in the realm of a master!


Just as the two sides were about to start fighting, a loud shout suddenly sounded in the Buddha Hall.

When the two monks heard this, they quickly stopped their fists and did not dare to do anything else.

After the sound rang out, a monk wearing yellow cassocks slowly walked out of the Buddha Hall.

“You two, don’t be rude!”

After scolding the monk in cassock, he turned to Dustin, clasped his hands and saluted: “Amitabha, it is our honor for Almsgiver Dustin to come to internal energyxia Temple in person. The abbot already knows your intention, please come inside.”

As he said that, he took the initiative to move his body away.


The round-faced monk looked tense and said hurriedly: “The origin of this Mr. Rhys is unknown, so we have to be on guard.”

“This is the abbot’s decision. You cannot question it. Retreat!” shouted the monk in cassocks.

“Yes!” The round-faced monk had no choice but to retreat.

But his vigilant eyes were always staring at Dustin, without relaxing at all.

Mr. Rhys, please.”

The monk in cassock nodded slightly and led Dustin into the Buddha Hall.


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