Chapter 1637

Chapter 1637​

“The mole?”

Hearing this, Dustin couldn’t help but frown slightly.

He seemed to have heard similar words somewhere, but he didn’t take it to heart before. Now after hearing what prince wales said, he had to take it seriously.

“Master Juechen, who is the inner ghost you are talking about?” Dustin asked.

“This man is none other than Song Zun, the general of the Traditional army under your father’s command!” Juechen said.

Uncle Stratford? How is that possible? Hasn’t he already sacrificed his life?” Dustin looked shocked.

You know, Song Zun is his father’s confidant general. He has been with his father through life and death for many years, and the two are as close as brothers.

Ten years ago, Song Zun escorted their family to Stonia as the guard commander, killing many assassins on the way.

Especially after the Forbidden City Rebellion broke out, Song Zun even risked his life to escort him and his mother out of the city, and died heroically in the end.

How could such a righteous man be a traitor?

“When I learned the news, I was very surprised and made repeated investigations. However, the final clues all pointed to Song Zun.

I don’t know why Song Zun did this. Maybe he was threatened or incited to rebel, but it is undeniable that this matter has something to do with him.

As for the sacrifice you mentioned, it is just an illusion.

I checked with someone afterwards and found that Song Zun was not dead. The so-called corpse was a scapegoat. “Jue Chen said with a serious face.

Song Zun? He is actually a traitor?”

Dustin frowned deeply, clenched his fists, and was filled with anger.

He can accept being plotted and assassinated, but he cannot tolerate being betrayed by those around him.

Song Zun was half of his master. Zeng Jin also taught him martial arts and passed on his experience in leading troops in war.

However, he never dreamed that such a generous and loyal man would turn out to be a traitor.

“Master Juechen, do you know the whereabouts of Song Zun?” Dustin asked again.

“Not sure.”

Jue Chen shook his head: “After that incident, Song Zun disappeared mysteriously. I guess he changed his name, changed his appearance, and hid under a new identity.”

“I understand, I will pay attention to this matter.”

Dustin said with a gloomy face, “Master Juechen, apart from these, is there anything special?”

“I have said everything that needs to be said. I just hope that after knowing this, you will not act out of emotion. Dragon Protection Pavilion is too powerful, even your father is far behind. You should give up as soon as possible.” Jue Chen said seriously.

The Dragon Guard Pavilion has been established for hundreds of years and has deep-rooted power.

Not to mention the top experts hidden inside, just some of the subordinate forces under his command are enough to cover the sky with one hand.

“Thank you, Master Juechen, for reminding me. I know what to do.”

Dustin bowed slightly and saluted: “I’d like to ask Master Juechen’s forgiveness for interrupting me today. I’ll take my leave now.”

Mr. Rhys, take it easy.”

Juechen put his hands together and returned the greeting.

“Abbott! It’s not good!”

Just as Dustin was about to leave, the round-faced monk from before suddenly ran in with a solemn expression.

“What’s the matter?”

Jue Chen asked calmly.

“Abbott, a large number of soldiers and horses came down from the mountain and have surrounded internal energyxia Temple!”

While the round-faced monk was speaking, he glanced at Dustin and said angrily: “These people are menacing and full of murderous intent. They should all be flies attracted by Donor Dustin!

“It came so quickly.”

Dustin raised his eyebrows slightly, not too surprised.

When he set foot in internal energyxia Temple, he expected such a scene.

The Dragon Guard Pavilion is extremely powerful and well-informed. Now that his identity has been exposed, someone will definitely be keeping an eye on him secretly.

I plan to take this opportunity to eradicate the disaster.

Mingkong, you and Mingdollar guard the mountain gate and block these people as much as possible.” Juechen said.

“Abbott, there are too many people at the foot of the mountain, and there are many masters among them. I’m afraid we won’t be able to stop them.” The round-faced monk was very reluctant.

Taking risks for a guy you don’t know, right?

“It can only be blocked for a while,” Juechen said.



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