Chapter 1638


Chapter 1638​

The round-faced monk was about to say something, but was interrupted by Jue Chen raising his hand: “No need to say more, go ahead.”


The round-faced monk glared at Dustin and left furiously.

“Because, when you take Mr. Rhys down from the back mountain, you must protect Mr. Rhys’s safety.” Juechen said again.

“Abbott, what should you do?” The monk in cassock frowned.

Before he became a monk, he was the guard commander of prince wales. Later, he became a monk with prince wales and protected him closely.

Never left for years.

Now he was asked to abandon the prince and escort an outsider down the mountain, and naturally he was unwilling to do so.

“With Mingdollar Mingkong, I won’t be in danger. You go quickly, don’t waste the opportunity.” Juechen urged.


Liao Yin clasped his hands together and responded without saying any more, and immediately took Dustin out of the door.

Before leaving, Dustin looked back at Jue Chen and found that he had entered samadhi again and continued chanting sutras and praising the Buddha.

Mr. Rhys, please come this way.”

Liao Yin took Dustin into the backyard of the temple, opened a secret door, and walked in first.

It was pitch dark inside the secret door, and it was almost impossible to see.

Since he was familiar with the road, he took out two torches in the corner and lit them. The brilliant fire soon illuminated a surrounding area.

Dustin took a closer look and found that it was a secret passage extending downward.

The secret passage is very long, with no end in sight, and very narrow, allowing only one person to pass frontally.

Mr. Rhys, this secret passage leads directly to the foot of the mountain. It is very secret. No outsider knows about it. I will take you out safely in a while, but please don’t come back again in the future.”

Liaoyin said while leading the way.

“Thank you, Master.”

Dustin said calmly: “I have cleared up my doubts when I came today, and I will never disturb the peaceful lives of the masters again.”

“That’s very good.” Liu Yin’s tone softened.

The two of them followed the secret passage all the way down.

After walking for nearly half an hour, I finally saw a stone door.

Mr. Rhys, the exit is outside, please.”

As Liao Yin spoke, he pressed the switch.


Along with a roar, the heavy stone door slowly opened.

Warm sunlight shines into the cold and dark secret passage.

The long dark environment made Dustin, who had just come into contact with the light, couldn’t help but squint his eyes slightly.

After he got used to it a little, he slowly walked out of the door.

There are overgrown weeds outside the door, and there are no people around. There are no buildings in sight, and you can’t even tell the direction.

The only thing that is certain is that this is the foot of the mountain.

“Hahaha… Logan RhysLogan Rhys, you are finally out, we have been waiting for you for a long time!”

At this time, a burst of laughter suddenly sounded.

Immediately afterwards, a group of masked killers emerged from the grass on both sides and quickly surrounded them.

In just one breath, Dustin was surrounded.

Looking at this battle, it is obvious that they have been ambush for a long time.


Dustin frowned slightly and subconsciously looked back at Yin.

Isn’t it very secretive? Doesn’t it mean that no one knows?

Why was he still being ambushed?

Mr. Rhys, I can’t let you get the prince into trouble. If you don’t die, the prince will be in big trouble, so I can only apologize.” Liao Yin said coldly.

While speaking, press the switch again.

The heavy stone gate immediately lowered, completely blocking Dustin’s retreat!


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