Chapter 1639

Chapter 1639​


When the stone door fell, Dustin’s frown deepened.

It wasn’t because of fear, but because of Zhiyin’s behavior that made him very unhappy.

prince wales asked Yin to take him down the mountain safely, but this guy was lucky and was sent directly to an ambush.

This is more hateful than watching indifferently.

Logan Rhys, don’t look any further. You are complaining about this place, and no one will come to save you. Today is the day you die!”

A man wearing a wolf-head mask stepped out from the crowd, his voice loud and unrestrained.

Mark Montgomery, are you wearing a mask so secretly that you don’t have the face to see people?” Dustin said coldly.

As soon as these words came out, the man in the wolf mask was slightly startled, and then laughed.

He didn’t deny it, he took off the mask on his face and revealed the lineup.

It was Mark Montgomery!

“I didn’t expect that you still have some eyesight and can actually see my disguise?” Mark Montgomery was quite surprised.

His aura has been hidden and his voice has also changed. It is not easy for the other party to recognize him at a glance.

“The appearance can be concealed and the voice can be changed, but the disgusting smell on your body will always remain fresh in my memory.” Dustin said calmly.

“Hmph! How dare you talk when you are about to die!”

Mark Montgomery’s face darkened: “Logan Rhys, you have been surrounded by us. Now you can’t escape. Considering the past relationship, I will give you a chance to kill yourself now and let you die a dignified death.” “

“Is it impossible to escape with wings?”

Dustin glanced around and sneered: “You guys really think you can stop me?”

When they made the big fuss at Yumian Villa, the reason why they were merciful to Mark Montgomery was just for the sake of Prince Eugene Montgomery.

Now that the other party has led people to surround and kill them, and both sides are completely at odds, there is naturally nothing to worry about.

Logan Rhys, I know you are powerful. It is difficult for me to defeat you on my own, so I have been prepared.”

Mark Montgomery said, put two fingers to his mouth, and whistled loudly.

Soon, a large number of warriors swarmed in from all directions.

These warriors were dressed in different styles and had powerful auras. When they sprinted, they felt like tigers descending the mountain, giving them a full sense of oppression.

They are all obviously masters.

Logan Rhys, let me introduce you.”

“The people here are all masters of Feiyan Sect. They are good at ambushes with hidden weapons, and their attack methods are hard to guard against.”

“As for this side, they are the masters of the Four Elephants Sect. Their Four Elephants Divine Fist is so powerful that it is unstoppable!”

“And the few here are even more powerful. They come from Jinglei Sect. They have magical powers and can use the power of heaven to kill enemies…”

Mark Montgomery introduced each of the arriving reinforcements.

That calm look completely convinced Dustin.

“The Feiyan Sect, the Four Elephants Sect, and the Thunder Sect are all world-famous gangsters. You really took great pains to kill me.”

Dustin’s eyes swept through the crowd one by one.


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