Chapter 1640

Chapter 1640​

Most of the people who can appear here are innate masters, and there are also a few martial arts masters hiding among them.

Plus Mark Montgomery and his elite White Wolf Guards.

This ambush formation is already large enough.

Logan Rhys, do you think this is gone? You are too naive.”

Mark Montgomery sneered and shook his head: “To tell you the truth, we are fully prepared just in case. What you see in front of you is just the vanguard. There will be more masters coming later. Even if you have Even with Tongtian’s ability, he will die today!”

It should be enough for these people around him to surround and kill Logan Rhys.

But be afraid, be afraid, the other side will have reinforcements to help, so there is nothing wrong with taking more precautions.

Mark Montgomery, could it be that you, Prince Eugene Montgomery, are also lackeys of the Dragon Guard Pavilion?” Dustin asked aloud.

“It is my honor and your misfortune to be able to work for Dragon Protection Pavilion.”

Mark Montgomery said very calmly: “It would be fine if you pretended to be dead and spent the rest of your life as a salted fish, but you should never, absolutely should not, and should not pursue the truth back then. Your existence is a hidden danger after all. So we must get rid of it as soon as possible!”

The Dragon Protection Pavilion stands above the imperial power, and even the emperor is a puppet, so he naturally has to work hard to please.

Once he performs well and passes the loyalty test, he will have the opportunity to join the Dragon Protection Pavilion.

By then, he can cover the sky with one hand and become a more majestic being than the King of West Lucozia!

“It seems that there is no way to be kind today.”

Dustin stretched out his hand and waved back: “Come on, if you are not afraid of death, just come forward and let me see how much you weigh!”

“Huh! I really can’t shed tears until I see the coffin!”

Mark Montgomery slowly raised his hand, just when he was about to issue an attack order.

In the Four Elephants Gate, a middle-aged man with a strong physique suddenly said: “Mr. Montgomery, what’s the point of killing a chicken with an ox-knife? I’m enough to deal with this kid, so why bother to mobilize an army?”


Mark Montgomery raised his eyebrows slightly, looked sideways, and asked: “Master WangLogan Rhys is not an ordinary person, but a world-famous The Kirin. Are you really sure you can deal with him?”

“What The Kirin? He’s just a young boy. I, Wang, haven’t taken him seriously yet!” The middle-aged man held his head high, very confident.

Master WangLogan Rhys has reached the level of a grandmaster. Are you sure you want to deal with him alone?” Mark Montgomery asked again.

“So what if I’m a Grandmaster? Who is not a Grandmaster these days?”

The middle-aged man didn’t care and was still arrogant: “Besides, there are strong and weak masters. Wang has practiced boxing for more than 20 years and has fought against all the invincibles in the world. He has never been defeated so far. It is even easier to deal with this kid! “

“That’s right! My master is so brave that it’s easy to kill this thief!”

“Hmph! How can a young boy block my master’s Divine Fist of Four Symbols?”

The disciples of the Sixiang Sect started shouting one after another, completely ignoring The Kirin.

“Okay! Since Master Wang is so confident, let’s go up and give it a try. I wish you success!” Mark Montgomery agreed without much persuasion.

He mainly wanted to use the head of the Four Elephant Sect to test Dustin’s depth.

It would be best if the leader of the Four Elephant Sect could win, and he would reap the benefits.

It doesn’t hurt if he can’t win. At least he can force out some of Dustin’s trump cards to prevent the opponent from jumping over the wall in a hurry. No matter what, it won’t be a loss.

“Thank you Mr. Montgomery for your support!”

The middle-aged man cupped his fists, then took a few steps forward, looked directly at Dustin, and said loudly: “Boy! I am the head of the Sixiang Sect, and I am famous for my boxing skills. I have twenty years of boxing skills. You can’t stop me.” Can you live there?!”


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