Chapter 1643

Chapter 1643​

Densely packed poisonous needles and darts poured out towards Dustin like rain.

In just an instant, Dustin became the target of public criticism.

“Set up the formation!”

When they were about to get closer, the white-haired old man suddenly shouted loudly.

Afterwards, several Jing Lei Sect masters immediately spread out and surrounded Dustin.

Everyone had an extra piece of golden talisman in their hand at some point.

“Duijin Sword! Kill!”

The white-haired old man gave an order and threw out the golden talisman in his hand.

The other Thunder Sect masters immediately made the same move.

Five pieces of golden talisman were shot at Dustin from all directions.

Immediately afterwards, a strange scene happened.

The originally light and fluttering talisman paper suddenly glowed brightly at the moment of taking action, turning directly into five golden giant swords and stabbing them hard.

These golden giant swords cut iron like clay, filled with cold light, and contained terrifying lethality.

Not even a martial arts master dared to fight head-on.

This formation is the Five Elements and Seven Killing Formation of Jing Lei Sect. It is unpredictable and powerful.

With the combined efforts of the five people, their strength is doubled!

It will never be used easily until it is a life or death situation.

In order to kill Dustin this time, Jing Lei Sect directly showed its trump card, aiming to kill him with one strike.

“Little tricks!”

Facing the five golden giant swords that were stabbed at him, Dustin didn’t change his expression and just stamped his feet on the ground.


A stream of white true energy burst out from the body, forming an oval-shaped protective shield.

The protective shield was shaped like an egg, surrounding Dustin.

“Qiang, internal energyang, internal energyang…”

Accompanied by a burst of gold and iron collision sound.

The five golden giant swords collapsed instantly when they touched Dustin’s protective shield, turning into little bits of light and dissipating.

No damage at all.


The white-haired old man’s eyelids twitched and he was surprised.

The Duijin Sword in the Five Elements and Seven Killing Formation is famously sharp, comparable to some magical weapons.

Once used, it is almost indestructible.

However, now, Logan Rhys’s protective aura has not been broken, which is really unbelievable.


The white-haired old man did not dare to hesitate and immediately commanded the Thunder Sect masters to change their formations.

Several people were moving around at such fast speeds that it was difficult to catch them.

“Lihuo Sword!”

The white-haired old man turned his wrist, and a red talisman suddenly appeared, and then he threw it at Dustin.

The remaining Thunder Sect masters threw out talismans one after another.

The five red talismans immediately erupted into a burst of red light the moment they were taken.

Immediately afterwards, five flaming giant swords suddenly appeared out of thin air.

Different from the sharpness of the Duijin Sword, the Lihuo Sword is more explosive and more lethal.

The flames covering the sword are so hot that they can melt steel, and no grass will grow wherever it passes.

The Sixiang Sect disciples who were helping out felt like their bodies were about to be on fire and were forced to retreat.

His face turned red and he was sweating profusely for a while.


The white-haired old man shouted, commanding his masters to control the flames and raise their swords, and beheaded Dustin.


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