Chapter 1647

Chapter 1647​

ad already been unsheathed.

A ball of hot red flame instantly filled the entire blade.

The flames were like dragons, roaring in waves. Wherever they passed, the flowers and plants on the ground withered and were scorched black.

“Yan Lang’s first style!”

Mark Montgomery flicked her wrist, raised the flaming sword high, and struck Dustin’s head from the air.


Just heard a roar.

The flame sword suddenly surged, and a huge sword light formed out of thin air.

The sword light is more than ten meters long and three meters wide. It is surrounded by flames and has an astonishing power.

At first glance, it looked like a giant blade that opened the sky, slashing hard at Dustin.

“What a terrifying sword light! Is this the strength of Mr. Montgomery? It’s too powerful!”

“As expected of the Fourth Young Master of Stonia, the power of this sword is probably close to the level of a ultimate Grandmaster, right?”

“Only a genius like Mr. Montgomery can compete with Logan Rhys.”

Looking at the huge sword light in the sky, everyone couldn’t help but look horrified.

There is no gap without comparison. The attacks of the Thunder Sect masters before were not at the same level as Mark Montgomery now.

This is the difference between ordinary masters and top geniuses.


Dustin suddenly grabbed it from the air, and a green steel sword that fell on the ground shot up directly, crossed a distance of more than ten meters, and was sucked into his hand.

Dustin held the sword in one hand and flicked it against the flaming sword light coming from above his head.


A white sword light broke out of the sword in an instant and hit the flaming sword light hard.


There was a loud noise, and the sword light and the knife light collided together.

In an instant, the ground shook.

A terrifying energy wave, centered on the impact site, swept away in all directions.

Everywhere he passed was a mess.

At the moment of contact, the white sword light exploded, and the flaming sword light was split into two.

Both sides seemed to be evenly matched, and no one took advantage.

It’s just that Mark Montgomery charged up the attack, while Dustin blocked it casually.

“Yanlang 2nd Style!”

Mark Montgomery didn’t hesitate at all. One strike failed, and then he swung the second strike.

This sword is no longer a downward slash, but a horizontal slash, faster, more powerful, and with a more tricky angle.

The Yanlang sword technique practiced by Mark Montgomery has a characteristic, that is, each sword is stronger than the other, and each wave is stronger than the other.

To put it simply, the more you fight, the better you get.

Facing the slashing sword, Dustin remained expressionless and raised his sword.

Sword radiance faced sword radiance, and the two sides clashed fiercely again.

Although the momentum was huge, there was no winner.

“Three styles of Yanlang!”

“Fourth Style of Flame Wave!”

“Five styles of Yanlang!”

Mark Montgomery became more and more brave as he fought, his sword skills kept changing, his swords were fierce and his moves were deadly.

His whole person’s momentum climbed directly to the top.

And unlike around the whole country warriors, Mark Montgomery’s body is full of murderous aura, which is the ferocity honed by fighting on the battlefield.

Go forward indomitably and be unstoppable.

Let alone a human being, even if a god stood in front of him, Mark Montgomery would strike at him without hesitation.


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