Chapter 1648

Chapter 1648​

Facing Mark Montgomery’s fierce offensive, Dustin just raised his sword to parry and let the opponent do whatever he wanted.

In the eyes of everyone, Mark Montgomery kept suppressing Logan Rhys and gained the upper hand.

As long as we continue to attack fiercely, we will soon be victorious.

“Oh my god! What kind of skills is Mr. Montgomery practicing? Why does it get more powerful the more you fight?”

“Looking at this battle, if it continues, Logan Rhys will probably be unable to withstand it.”

“What about The Kirin? After ten years of wasted time, I still can’t compete with a genius like Mr. Montgomery!”

“Come on, Mr. Montgomery! Kill this kid!”

Looking at the majestic Mark Montgomery in front of them, everyone was surprised and admired.

Some disciples of the Four Elephants Sect even shouted loudly to cheer for them.

“Die, die! Die!”

Mark Montgomery laughed wildly, swinging the knife in his hand faster and faster, and the attack became more and more fierce.

Like a violent storm, it was dazzling.

Logan RhysLogan Rhys, weren’t you very arrogant before? Why are you silent now?”

“You’re fighting back! You’re attacking!”

“Why are you like a shrinking tortoise who only knows how to defend and parry?”

“Hahaha… you’re not afraid, are you?”

“How beautiful you were once, but now? You only deserve to linger at my feet!”

“The The Kirin, the unparalleled one in the world, it’s just a joke.”

“You are not even qualified to carry my shoes now!”

“How is it? Do you feel my strength? Are you scared? Are you desperate?”

“It’s a pity that no one can save you today!”

While Mark Montgomery attacked, he did not forget to use sarcastic words, trying to break through Dustin’s psychological defense.

Dustin had no response to this little trick. There was no joy or sadness on his face, and no emotion could be seen at all.

In fact, his attention was not entirely on Mark Montgomery

send only such a small number of troops to surround and kill them.

Therefore, he was sure that there must be masters hiding in the dark, waiting for opportunities.

Logan Rhys, I’ve had enough fun.”

“Next, I’ll kill you with one knife!”

After a strong attack, Mark Montgomery suddenly stopped his attack, stopped moving forward, and instead distanced himself.

It was obvious that he was going to use his energy to unleash his ultimate move.

Logan Rhys, since I mastered this move, I have never used it in front of others. You are lucky today. It is your honor to die under my killing move.”

“Open your eyes and watch, I will let you understand what true strength is!”

As Mark Montgomery spoke, he held the Ice and Fire Magic Blade tightly with both hands and slowly raised it above his head.

An extremely powerful pressure spread across the entire place instantly.

The Grandmaster’s internal energy in his body, including the surrounding spiritual energy of heaven and earth, all surged up and were continuously poured into the Demon Blade.


The magic blade began to vibrate, and the blade sometimes glowed red and sometimes blue.

The two lights alternate with each other and eventually merge together.

“The final form of the Flame Dragon Sword Technique—the two poles of ice and fire!”

Mark Montgomery roared, raised the magic blade above his head, and struck Dustin hard.

In an instant, the color of heaven and earth changed.

A red and blue sword formed out of thin air.

Red is fire and blue is water.

Elements that were originally incompatible with water and fire now merged together strangely and perfectly, forming a huge mountain-like knife that pressed heavily against Dustin.

This sword is earth-shattering, its momentum is like a rainbow, and it is unrivaled!

The warriors watching the battle from a distance were stunned and had the illusion that a disaster was imminent.

It seems that after this sword is cut off, everything in the world will turn into ashes.

It is a kind of fear and despair that comes from the depths of the soul.


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