Chapter 1649

Chapter 1649​

“Grand Master… Master Montgomery’s sword is definitely the strength of a Grand Master!”

The white-haired old man looked up, his face full of shock and horror.

He thought Logan Rhys was already strong enough, but he didn’t expect Mark Montgomery to be even more powerful.

At the level of a grandmaster, he actually exerted the strength of a ultimate Grandmaster, which is really outrageous!

Could this be the foundation of a top genius?

In this life, he is really beyond his reach.

“Oh my God! How many people in the world can block such a powerful sword?”

The beautiful young woman was dumbfounded and shocked.

She thought she was a master, but in front of a strong person like Mark Montgomery, she was really nothing.

“It’s amazing. If I were half as strong as Mr. Montgomery, I would be proud of him!”

The disciples of the Four Elephants Sect were shocked, awe-stricken, and even slightly envious.

At this moment, they finally deeply realized what a true pride of heaven is.

“Hmph! Pretending!”

Seeing the huge blade coming towards him, Dustin did not dodge, but with a little step, he directly raised his sword and stabbed it forward.

No extra moves, no fancy tricks, just a simple straight thrust.

However, compared with Mark Montgomery’s giant blade, Dustin was like an ant standing in front of an elephant, looking so thin and frail.

It seems that just blowing a breath can make it shatter into pieces.

“Die to me!!”

Seeing Dustin facing him with force, Mark Montgomery’s strength increased a bit again, holding the knife in both hands, and slashed hard.


There was a loud bang.

Dustin’s sword tip stabbed Mark Montgomery’s blade accurately.

In an instant, a terrifying wave of energy rose out of thin air, sweeping away in all directions with devastating force.

Wherever it passed, flowers, plants and trees were evaporated one after another, and a thick layer was chipped away along with the rocky ground.

As for the warriors watching the battle, they were knocked upside down by the energy storm and fell to pieces.

When all the dust settled, the warriors got up and took a look.

I saw a huge pit appearing in the center of the battlefield in the distance.

Inside the pit, two figures, one black and one white, were confronting each other.

The white figure is Dustin, and the black figure is Mark Montgomery.

Contrary to what everyone expected, Dustin was not killed with a single sword, but stood still.

But the green steel sword in his hand could not withstand the impact and had broken.

Other than that, no harm was done.

Mark Montgomery, on the other hand, had a gloomy face and was panting. The ice and fire magic blade in his hand was flickering in and out of light.

“What happened? Logan Rhys is not dead?”

“Oh my god! Is this guy made of iron? Isn’t he even going to die?”

Mark Montgomery’s sword blow just now was comparable to the Grand Master’s attack. How did Logan Rhys block it?”


Looking at Dustin as if nothing had happened, the whole place was in an uproar.

Everyone just now believed that Dustin was definitely dead.

No one expected that the other party could actually take that devastating sword.

How powerful is this guy?

Logan Rhys’s sword has been destroyed. Master Montgomery must have the upper hand, right?”

“Yes, that’s right! Although he failed to kill with one strike, at least he destroyed Logan Rhys’s weapon. As long as Mr. Montgomery strikes again, he will definitely be killed!”

After the shock, many people began to comfort themselves.

After all, whether there are weapons or not will largely determine the outcome of the battle.

Mark Montgomery was holding the Ice and Fire Magic Blade, while Dustin was bare-handed.

If he really had to fight to the death, Mark Montgomery would definitely have a higher winning rate.


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