Chapter 1653


Chapter 1653​

“Tell me, who is more powerful, Han Feiyang or Logan Rhys?”

“If both sides are in their prime, then they should be on par. It all depends on on-the-spot performance.”

“Bullshit! Of course Young Sect Leader Han is great! Logan Rhys has passed away, and now Young Sect Master Han is truly the number one genius in the world!”

“I also think Master Han has a good chance of winning. After all, Logan Rhys has just fought a battle, which must have consumed a lot of money.”


Seeing the confrontation between Dustin and Han Feiyang on the field, the warriors couldn’t help but whisper and speculate.

Both of them are top geniuses and both are unattainable existences.

Nowadays, the public showdown can’t help but make people look forward to it.

Of course, most people are more optimistic about Han Feiyang.

Han Feiyang has become famous all over the world in recent years. He is unstoppable and has already become invincible.

Although Logan Rhys is powerful, after all, he is the glory of the past. Compared with the current Han Feiyang, he is still a little behind.

“Fight, let’s fight. You two start fighting as soon as possible. It’s best to fight to the death, so that I can save some energy.”

Mark Montgomery sneered, as if looking at two idiots.

At a critical moment of life and death, you still talk about the rules of the world. Isn’t this a fool’s errand?

Do you understand what it means to never tire of deceit? Do you understand what it means to pursue victory?

Logan Rhys, next I will use the Four Symbols of the Gods, you have to be careful!”

“watch out!”

After a reminder, Han Feiyang stopped talking nonsense and took action directly.

His body was shaken, the powerful true energy in his body suddenly exploded, and a huge blue shadow appeared from behind.

The shadow is six to seven meters tall, tall and majestic.

Like a god or demon, with a heart-stopping sense of oppression.

“Oh my god! The first move is the Four Symbols of the Gods. Master Han wants to fight quickly!”

“The power of the Four Symbols of the Gods is so powerful in the world. When the Dharma comes out, gods will kill gods, and Buddhas will kill Buddhas. They are unrivaled. Logan Rhys is in trouble now!”


Looking at the huge blue shadow, the warriors couldn’t help but look horrified.

No one expected that Han Feiyang would be so serious and use a unique trick right from the beginning without giving him any chance.

“Wind God is angry!”

After Han Feiyang briefly accumulated strength, he pushed out with a sudden movement.

The phantom of the spirit behind it also made the same move.


In an instant, the air around him exploded.

A majestic energy turned into a huge palm shadow, carrying the power of destroying the world and rushing towards Dustin.

Wherever the palm shadow passed, the wind roared, and sharp wind blades cut the rocky ground into a mess.

The destructive power is extremely terrifying.

“White Tiger!”

Dustin shouted low, and the Xuanqing internal energy in his body spurted out instantly, forming a huge white tiger shadow on the surface of his body in a mysterious trajectory.

This white tiger is majestic and full of fierce eyes, unlike any ordinary thing.


Dustin raised one hand and patted forward.


The white tiger phantom roared, ejected instantly, and crashed into the Sterlingshen phantom shot by Han Feiyang.

When Dustin faced the attack before, he chose to defend, but now he took the initiative to attack.

The Kirin Kung Fu is naturally not weaker than the Four Symbols of the Gods. Who wins and who loses depends on his foundation and strength.


There was a loud bang.

Under the gaze of everyone, the Sterlingshen phantom and the White Tiger phantom finally collided together, erupting into a powerful energy wave.

For a time, the earth was shaking and the hurricane was raging.

The two huge shadows dissipated in the wind, and no one could do anything to the other.

After one move, Han Feiyang did not hesitate at all, followed by another move.

He raised his hands to the sky, and a huge red shadow formed out of thin air behind him.


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