Chapter 1655

Chapter 1655​

“It’s coming, it’s coming! The most powerful killing move of the Four Symbols of God is finally here!”

“It is rumored that no one has ever seen the Fury of the Lightning God, because everyone who has seen it has died. I didn’t expect that we would be honored to see one of the five greatest secrets in the world today.”

“To die at the hands of the Four Elephants of the Gods is to be considered a disgrace to Logan Rhys’s status.”


Seeing the majestic and domineering Han Feiyang floating in the sky, everyone couldn’t help but feel in awe, as if they were looking up to a god.

The Four Symbols of the Gods is the famous unique skill of the leader of the Balermo Martial Alliance, and it is also recognized as one of the five unique skills in the world.

They have only heard about it, but have never seen it.

The first three moves just now were earth-shattering, and now that the strongest move is reached, no one knows how terrifying it is.

“The Wrath of the Electric God!!”

Han Feiyang, who was floating in the air, suddenly roared angrily.

An electric god’s dharma image erupted from his body and expanded rapidly. In the blink of an eye, he turned into a sky-holding giant more than ten feet tall.

Dustin was as small as an ant under his feet.

It seemed like he could be easily crushed to death with just one lift of his foot.

“Break it for me!!”

Han Feiyang slowly raised his hand, making a throwing gesture, and then pressed it down suddenly.

The huge dharma image above its head immediately made the same move.

But at the same time as he was throwing it, there was a huge spear with blue electric light in the hand of the Electric God!


The lightning spear suddenly hit Dustin like a missile.

In an instant, the color of the sky and the earth changed, and the space was distorted.

An extremely terrifying coercion instantly covered the entire place.

It’s like a divine punishment from heaven, making people shocked, frightened, and even desperate.

Before the spear even got close, its powerful force had already caused the earth to collapse, the rocks to shatter, and the flowers, plants and trees within a hundred meters radius to turn into powder.

The warriors who were watching the battle from a distance were so frightened that they backed away with horror on their faces.


The moment the lightning spear struck, the unicorn tattoo on Dustin’s body suddenly lit up.

A black light burst out of the body, forming a huge unicorn image behind him.

This is a black unicorn with a dragon head, antlers, lion eyes, tiger back, bear waist, snake scales, horse hooves, and pig tail.

Although it is a Dharma form, it is like an entity. It looks majestic, domineering, aloof and noble.

The divine power exuded from his body makes all beasts surrender.


Seeing the lightning spear thrust towards him, the black unicorn raised its head and roared, then kicked off its limbs and transformed into a black light, hitting it head-on.


There was a loud bang.

Under the impact of the black unicorn, the shockingly powerful lightning spear shattered like glass in an instant.

Immediately afterwards, the black unicorn still had enough power to crash into the electric god Dharma.


There was another loud noise.

The black unicorn directly knocked out a big hole in the chest of the mountain-like Electric God Faxiang.

“Click, click, click…”

Cracks began to appear on the surface of the Electric God’s Dharma, and it quickly disintegrated, turning into pieces of energy fragments and floating down.

In just a few breaths, the electric god’s appearance completely disappeared.


After defeating the Electric God Dharma, the black unicorn looked up to the sky and roared again, as if in a demonstration.

The next second, the black unicorn turned into a black light and quickly poured into Dustin’s body.

The unicorn tattoo on the surface of his body shone slightly, then quickly returned to calm.


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