Chapter 1656

Chapter 1656​


The moment the Electric God’s Dharma was shattered, Han Feiyang spat out a mouthful of blood as if he had been severely injured.

His face was as pale as paper, and his whole body was shaky, as if his energy had been drained.

“How could this happen? How could this happen? I…actually lost?”

Han Feiyang looked at his hands and couldn’t believe it.

For so many years, he has always been one of the best, no matter what genius he is, all pale in front of him.

He once thought that he would be invincible and defeat the invincible opponent in the world.

However, today, he failed, and failed miserably.

The Four Symbols of the Gods have been used in full, without any reservations.

Logan Rhys went head-to-head with every move, neither defending nor dodging.

Every attack by the two sides is a competition of absolute strength, without the slightest bit of water or opportunism.

Although it’s hard to believe, I have to admit that he did lose.

Through his powerful strength, Logan Rhys openly defeated the Four Symbols of the Gods and destroyed his undefeated myth.

In this battle, he was convinced that he lost.

“Oh my god! Logan Rhys won? This guy actually defeated Young Master Han? How is that possible?!”

“No one has ever been able to stop the Four Symbols of the Gods. Logan Rhys has created a miracle!”

“Is this the legendary The Kirin? It’s really scary!”


Looking at Dustin standing proudly in front of him, everyone was shocked.

Everyone was stunned and their faces were full of horror.

Even Han Feiyang was defeated. Who among them could stop Logan Rhys?

“Damn it! How can there be so few sect leaders in the world? It’s so embarrassing!”

Mark Montgomery’s face was gloomy and her expression was particularly unkind.

He also hoped that Han Feiyang and Logan Rhys would fight to the death and both sides would suffer.

Now it seems unlikely.

Han Feiyang was already injured, but Logan Rhys acted as if nothing had happened, which was unexpected.

I really don’t know how much strength this guy hides.

“The Four Symbols of the Gods is indeed well-deserved. If you break through to the realm of the Grand Master, I may not be able to block this move.” Dustin said calmly.

“A defeat is a defeat, no need to say anything more.”

Han Feiyang shook his head sadly: “I am a few years older than you, but now I am no match for you. This has proved the gap between us.”

Logan Rhys had been hiding for ten years without the resources of the West Lucozia Palace. He relied solely on his own cultivation to reach the level of a grand master.

With this terrifying talent, no matter how arrogant and arrogant he is, he is ashamed of himself.

Logan Rhys, I admit that you are very strong, and I am convinced that you lost today, but I will not give up just yet.”

Han Feiyang raised his head slightly and said with piercing eyes: “I will work harder and practice harder. One day, I will defeat you openly!”

“I’m looking forward to this day coming.” Dustin smiled lightly.

Han Feiyang is talented, powerful, and motivated, and his future prospects are limitless.

Maybe one day, the other party will have a chance to defeat him.

Logan Rhys, I will come to you again in three years. Before that, you must not die.”

“We’ll see you later!”

Han Feiyang clasped his fists, then took a few steps and jumped into the air.

Step on the leaves and float away.

It really comes in a hurry and goes in a hurry.

Han Feiyang is so stupid! What will I do if you leave?”

Looking at the figure that was quickly retreating, Mark Montgomery couldn’t help but curse in a low voice.

The two of them had a slight chance of winning together. Now that Han Feiyang left and left him to face Logan Rhys alone, wouldn’t it be a dead end?


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