Chapter 1658

Chapter 1658​

Now they finally understand why there are so many experts in the world, and there are so many strong ones, but no one dares to compete head-on with the authorities?

Because the strength gap between the two sides is too big.

Hundreds of thousands of troops are pressing forward. No matter how powerful you are, it will be useless.

No matter what sect, as long as it faces the official elite army, it will only perish in the end.

“Surround it up!”

Following an order, a hundred thousand troops, three inside and three outside, surrounded Dustin and others.

Some were holding guns, others were holding knives, and all of them had sharp eyes and murderous intent.

“I am Mark Montgomery, the War God stone. Where are the eight commanders?”

At this time, Mark Montgomery stepped forward and began to show his authority.

As a super-grade God of War, standing in front of a second-grade general was undoubtedly a dimension-reducing blow.

Even the powerful generals who were called the princes of the eight directions had to bow their heads when they saw him.

However, his question did not receive any response. All the soldiers stood ready, as if they did not hear it.

“What’s going on? Where are your generals?” Mark Montgomery was a little dissatisfied.

Although he could not transfer 300,000 White Wolf Guards to Stonia, after all, the identity of the God of War was there. Which general would not be respectful when he saw it?

“Lord God of War, today’s outer city army is under my full command.”

At this time, in the middle of the team, an old man wearing white clothes and a pale face walked out slowly.

The old man was tall and thin, with a high-pitched voice that gave him a feminine feel.

Theswe Changshi?”

Seeing the old man, Mark Montgomery couldn’t help but shrink his pupils, and the arrogance on his face immediately calmed down.

You know, although the official position in front of you is not high, his status is very special.

The opponent is not only a close minister of the emperor, but also the number one master in the empire, the tenth ranked top expert on the world-shattering list, Nestor!

“Lord God of War, you have worked hard today. Let me leave the rest of the matter to this old slave.” Nestor nodded slightly, his attitude neither humble nor overbearing.

“Lao Theswe is here to serve you.”

Mark Montgomery clasped his fists and decisively stepped aside to watch the battle.

He didn’t expect that the Dragon Protection Pavilion would pay so much attention to Logan Rhys. Not only did it send a hundred thousand troops, but it also called Nestor, the top master in the palace, to suppress it.

You know, Nestor is the emperor’s personal bodyguard and never shows up easily.

Today’s public appearance not only means that Logan Rhys’s death is imminent, but also proves that the so-called emperor is just a puppet trained by Hulong Pavilion.

“Little prince, we meet again.”

Nestor turned his eyes and looked at Dustin with a smile.

“Yes, we met again. I didn’t expect that Dragon Protection Pavilion would send a gelding like you out to bite people.” Dustin had a cold face, with a fierce light in his eyes.

Nestor is a lackey of Dragon Protection Pavilion, so he must have something to do with his mother’s death.

“Little prince, you shouldn’t have come to Stonia, let alone investigate the truth back then. Wouldn’t it be better to just hide in Swinston and live your whole life as an ordinary person?” Nestor said calmly.

“Hmph! Even if I don’t do anything, once the West Lucozia Palace loses power, is it possible for you to let me go?” Dustin asked back.

“Little prince, you are a smart man, but people who are too smart often don’t live long.” Nestor smiled noncommittally.

“So, you came to kill me today?” Dustin sneered.

“That’s right.”

Nestor nodded calmly: “You have too much potential. You will be a disaster in the future and may threaten the status of Dragon Protection Pavilion, so you must be eradicated as soon as possible.”

“Kill me? Have you considered the consequences? If I die in Stonia, do you think Rufus Rhys will rebel?”

Dustin said coldly: “Once the five hundred thousand invincible Black Dragon Army approaches Stonia City, can you stop it?”

“It couldn’t be stopped before, but now, it’s not necessarily possible.”

Nestor smiled slightly: “To be honest, the King of Theswe is now in trouble and can’t care about you at all. If nothing happens, you and your son will be reunited on the Williamquan Road soon.”

Chapter 1659​


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